What’s in My Mailbox | “We created a brand new revenue stream!”

April 10, 2024

Email or print donor newsletter? Smart nonprofits utilize both to keep their donors close.  But only print donor newsletters have the “sticky” quality that leads to greater donor loyalty — and the greatest gift of all, the bequest gift.

Leading international fundraising copywriter, Lisa Sargent, calls print donor newsletters your “retention engines.”

And, when your newsletter is done according to the simple, but reliable formula outlined in Simple Development Systems, it has the potential to become one of your mission’s best drivers of revenue.

Take it from Jody-Joy O’Keefe of Bethany Health. She writes,

“Latest win is that we sent Bethany’s first issue of our brand new Bethany Beacon donor newsletter and in fewer than 7 days from when it dropped in the mail donations started rolling in! We created a brand new revenue stream for Bethany and I am so excited to see how it grows from here :)”

Download Bethany’s first newsletter by clicking here.


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