Charting Your First 100 Days | Basics & More™

Congratulations! You’ve been hired.
Now what?

Regardless of whether you’re development director number one, or the tenth development director, a concrete plan is necessary — no ifs, ands, or buts. Without one, how can you expect to find success? A ship needs a captain who knows the route.

You may feel like you’re in the hot seat and that all eyes are on you. Because when the expectations are stacked high and first impressions can mean so much, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially in the beginning.

So how can you make a difference quickly, while at the same time setting those important standards to ensure your organization is on the path toward future sustainability?

How can you make it clear that hiring you was a smart choice?

Sadly, a development director’s worth is often hastily measured by those who lack a true understanding of how sustainable fundraising actually works. Today’s grant proposal will more than likely take months, if not years, to bear fruit. Building and growing individual and major gift relationships take time, effort, and dedication.

How can you maximize the potential of your first hundred days on the job, create organizational change for the better, and instill other members of your organization with a sense of trust in you?

“I just started as the Development Director in March. I borrowed your letter (with some tweaking) and added a short questionnaire. I sent out a lot more than just 20 letters – I mailed 86 letters on June 21st, but it was well worth it. To date I have received 33 envelopes – and  I say envelopes and not responses because one just had a check without a questionnaire! That’s a 38% return! Out of the 33 envelopes, 30 mailed back questionnaires and 8 mailed checks totaling $1,175 (the highest check being $500). Thank you for your advice. My boss was SHOCKED! He had no idea that I sent anything out, but he was extremely happy that I did!”

Cindy Timmermann
Development Director

It’s all in your plan. But what exactly does that look like?

successIn Charting Your First 100 Days | Basics & More™, you’ll learn which metrics you need to focus on first. Plus, you’ll be provided a weekly plan for quickly learning your organization’s mission and history, understanding your donor base, educating and inspiring your ED and board members, and then some. You’re navigating some choppy waters, but this course will provide the tools you need to steer your organization’s ship with confidence.

In Charting Your First 100 Days, you’ll find a treasure trove of info. This course is chock full of stuff that it took me years to figure out, and I’m passing it all along. I’m including my proprietary client assessment tool, scripts for meeting with board members and donors, and several bonus recorded webinars just for you! If you’ve been in your position for less than a year, this is information you can’t afford to miss.

You see, I’ve been where you are, and it took me years of careful exploration and research, as well as trial and error, to really get it. We’re always in a place of growing and learning, but in that position, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the tools your organization needs to move forward in the best way possible? This is the roadmap I wished I’d had. These are some of my best-kept secrets, and I want to share them with you.

Who Is This Course For?

This class is for new development directors, fundraising executive directors, consultants, and newly laid-off fundraising professionals.


“Thanks for your first 100 days course. I was able to implement the loyal donor survey to 150 households who consistently have given over the past 7 years. We’re also doing an online survey soon to another 1000 households who have been more loyal recently. The results are helping shape our year-end campaign message.

I also just completed my first big event with the organization — our annual gala. We grossed close to $900,000, likely net $700K. We spent about $200K on the event, which I consider a huge success.”

Holly Hight


Week One: Review and Meet & Greet

In Week One, you’ll be gathering together the materials you need to create a cohesive plan. You’ll begin meeting with staff and board members to gain their perspectives and strengths and begin to collect the stories your organization needs to form a foundation for your communications.

Week Two: All About Your Systems

We’ll review your organization’s internal systems, from your database to your donor stewardship processes, and everything in between! If you’re an organization without a donor database, fret not. You’ll be receiving the tools that are best suited to your needs.

Week Three: Through the Eyes of Your Supporters…

During the third week, you’ll learn how to understand your organization through the eyes of your donors. This supporter-centric approach includes crafting a supporter persona, reviewing communications schedules, and more.

Week Four: Creating and Implementing Your Plan (and the ‘L’ word)

After Week Four, you’ll have a detailed plan polished and ready to present to your ED and board, along with the tools you need to implement it. Worried about how to lead and empower your board? Don’t be. I’ve got you covered!

When you enroll in Charting Your First 100 Days, you’ll also receive the digital version of Simple Development Systems: Successful Fundraising for the One-Person Shop.



The price for the four-week course is $179.


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Pamela has raised hundreds of millions over the past 15 years via her widely-read weekly Grow Report ezine, her affordable and popular Basics & More online training, and her membership program. Her overriding goal is to provide exceptional donor-centered fundraising training to small nonprofit organizations — at prices they can afford. Together with Chris Davenport, Pamela conceived The Donor Retention Project, the definitive series of interviews with the world’s leading donor retention experts. In 2010 Pamela was named one of the 50 Most Influential Fundraisers by the influential Civil Society magazine. She was recently named one of the Top 50 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants by the Michael Chatman Giving Show. She’s been featured by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Foundation Center, and NonprofitPRO. She is a regular contributor to SOFII, the showcase of fundraising innovation and inspiration, and Charity Channel.


Basics & More™ eCourses have provided stellar training to over 6,000 nonprofit professionals on topics including stewardship (Power of Thank You), direct mail fundraising, monthly giving, nonprofit storytelling, online fundraising, foundation fundraising, major gift fundraising, writing your fundraising case for support, and more. Often imitated but never duplicated, Basics & More™ are the leaders in the industry because they work.

There are no live webinars you need to be present for. All podcasts and recorded trainings are available on demand. And, once you register, the materials are yours to keep, to re-use when you need a refresher, or to share with a new volunteer or staff member. So even if you can’t go through all of the class materials right now, you can read and listen at your leisure. There are no tests or quizzes, only solid information that you can review whenever you are ready. Read about how one participant fit a Basics & More™ course into her busy schedule by clicking here.

Studies have shown that approximately 5% of conference attendees actually act on what they’ve learned. Based on fundraising best practices and the latest research in brain science behavior, Basics & More™ fundraising fundamentals eCourses have been created to guide you incrementally towards implementing positive change.

Nonprofit founders, Executive Directors, Development Directors, fundraising staff, board members and volunteers will all benefit from this four week class.

When you enroll in a Basics & More™ online class, every Monday morning, you’ll receive (via email) comprehensive guides, worksheets, recorded podcasts, and webinars, covering the topic of the week that you can read on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader, or print out to read at your convenience. Each guide contains 10-30 pages and presents everything you need to know to grow your organization’s fundraising.

All participants in this course have direct email access for questions about the course materials and how they apply to your non-profit. Ask one question or one hundred questions… we’re here to help your organization succeed. You’ll also be included in a private ‘members only’ Facebook group, the ideal opportunity to bounce ideas or questions off your colleagues.

Your success is my ultimate goal. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with this course, we offer a full 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Who is this course for?

This course is for:

  • Small shop nonprofit development directors
  • Fundraising executive directors
  • Nonprofit consultants looking to quickly improve results for their clients