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Oh yeah, this is the enews your friends and colleagues have been telling you about.  Readers love The Grow Report, the only free weekly enews created especially for the head of a one-person marketing and development shop.  Featuring the best of the web, insider insights and more.

“I always refer to “The Grow Report” for expert advice and guidance. There’s a lot of differing opinions out there but Pamela’s is the one I trust most.”

“Your post on storytelling in grants reinforced recent changes in our grant writing. Since then by adding those “stories” throughout the grant, we have experienced our first national foundation success. This same copy was used at the local level and we were one of 18 successful grants from a field of 68 from a foundation which had never funded us previously.”

“Your newsletter usually produces one “aha” per issue it is why i take the time to read it, most others i just scan.”

“I really enjoy your emails each week – you’re one that I never skip over! Thanks for providing such great info, all the time!”

“Warm, personal, real…love that you do the legwork to read the blogs and pass along the best. I’m not really in a “small shop” but since I train our 900 campus staff to do fund development the different approaches and ways to communicate the basic stuff in a new way is really helpful.”

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