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“Yours is the only newsletter I actually read – thank you!”


I look forward to our time together on Thursday mornings!  I grab a cup of coffee, shut my office door and devour every word of The Grow Report.

…I am Development and Marketing Director, web maintainer, letter writer, major gifts officer, Facebook admin, direct appeal mailer, donor cultivator and on and on. Your small shop has been a tremendous source of wonderful, practical and very useful applications.  We do not have the luxury of going into great detail or taking photos of our clients – the men, women and children, who are victims of violent or sexual crimes – so I have to be creative with my story telling and getting the word out. Your ideas have been instrumental in helping me think outside the box!
We have implemented new thank you letters, new direct appeals, a monthly newsletter, two new online campaigns, a new system of thanking all donors, which includes phone calls and handwritten notes. I have met with donors and board members to chat about why they are involved with our org. And, in large part, my ideas have come from our get together on Thursday morning!
So thank you!  With heartfelt gratitude
Shelly Drymon, Director of Development and Marketing

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“I always refer to “The Grow Report” for expert advice and guidance. There’s a lot of differing opinions out there but Pamela’s is the one I trust most.”

“Your post on storytelling in grants reinforced recent changes in our grant writing. Since then by adding those “stories” throughout the grant, we have experienced our first national foundation success. This same copy was used at the local level and we were one of 18 successful grants from a field of 68 from a foundation which had never funded us previously.”

“I think signing up for your Grow Report has been the single most best thing I have done to help me with this job!!!!”

Patti Young, Development Director

“Your newsletter usually produces one “aha” per issue it is why i take the time to read it, most others i just scan.”

“I get so many emails…..yours is one of the few that I try to read from beginning to end and even click on many of the links for more information and inspiration.”

Kathy McHenry, Executive Director
South Dakota Synod

“I have followed you for about a year now. I LOVE your content and honestly, I think you’re the best out there. I recently moved from a small non-profit with a $650,000 annual operating budget and several programs (that I considered a small shop when I was there) to a four person, one program, $350,000 organization. Your newsletter was the ONLY one I took with me to the new job. There are a few others out there that provide content that I could occasionally use but yours is by and large the BEST for me! You are a storyteller and so am I. Your style fits me. And you have the best resources for very small orgs. Many of the newsletters I get are for organizations with departments and staff. Here, it’s just me, a program director, an ED and and admin. It’s all up to me and you help sift through the junk and get to the point.”

“I really enjoy your emails each week – you’re one that I never skip over! Thanks for providing such great info, all the time!”

“Warm, personal, real…love that you do the legwork to read the blogs and pass along the best. I’m not really in a “small shop” but since I train our 900 campus staff to do fund development the different approaches and ways to communicate the basic stuff in a new way is really helpful.”

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