Oxfam’s Latest Email Pitch – Clever or Obnoxious?

January 12, 2013

Taking a cue, no doubt from the Obama campaign and their mastery of everything online marketing, Oxfam recently sent out this email to their list:

Subject Line: “Did I leave my jacket at your place?”

Hey X

It’s Aziz Ansari. And of course I didn’t leave a jacket at your place. I’ve never been to your home.

But I’m glad you opened this email, because I actually wanted to talk to you about something much more important. I want to tell you that this holiday season, you need to get a gift from OxfamGifts.com. Your gift could be exactly what someone in poverty needs to build a better future for their family.

(The email segues into a standard fundraising pitch).

At first glance, this appears to be a deceptive email subject header – the kind that increases open rates but also turns readers off and leads to mass unsubscribes.  But what do we know about how this particular email was segmented?

What do you think?


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