Loving lapsed donors back into the fold | Simple, brilliant and oh so swipe-able!

December 4, 2013

How do you love back those donors who have strayed? This recently landed in my mailbox (click on images to read), a simple, brilliant little two-page (front/back) letter and response device from Ontario Nature.  I wasn’t surprised to learn that it was the handiwork of our friends at Agents for Good.  What are your takeaways?

They miss me!

And in uncomplicated, straightforward language they tell me so:

I’m writing to you because we miss you. We haven’t heard from you in some
time so I’m reaching out to connect with you. Our members are the heart and soul of
Ontario Nature. We only succeed in our mission to protect Ontario’s wild species and
wild spaces because of people like you. We want you back!

Ontario Nature’s double-sided response device is every bit as engaging.  If you’re not renewing your membership, they ask “what will it take?”

We would be happy to give you a call or send you an email if you prefer. You tell us! We
want to hear what it will take to bring you back to Ontario Nature.

This is a warm, engaging piece that treats me like a friend.  Who could resist?  In fact, I’m going online right now to make another gift (and ensure that I never miss another one of Ontario Nature’s communications).



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