Fundraising Friday | April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015


The difference between passive listening (what we’re used to) and Active Listening. New from Seth Godin.

My dear friend Lisa Sargent’s Loyalty Letter is always chock full of goodies. Don’t miss Art of the Ask: 7+ Tips on Fundraising Offers and Reply Slips. And, after you read it, go subscribe.

From 101Fundraising: “Ah, Integration: If Only …” Whether you Will or Whether you Won’t, it’s All in the Mind (it really is!).

Here’s how you surprise and delight donors: Agents of Good’s Humber River Hospital Foundation mailing. SDS members were treated to John’s presentation last month.

It’s SPRING! The Agitator with Your 1st Quarter Checklist.

Another Brilliant Marketing Idea You Can Steal. New from Kivi.

A question I get often: Should you delete donor records? (Uh, no). From Robert Weiner (read Discussion of donor data retention while you’re at it).

When Is It Time To Go, new from Veritus. Just last week, Jeff and I were talking about this very issue. Founderitis is kind of hard to explain until you’re in the midst of it. Several years ago, I was so overwhelmed with it that I was actually forced to create a year-end appeal for my organization — behind the founder’s back! I went and paid for it myself, and my daughter and I hand-stuffed all the envelopes. The mailing was wildly successful. But that didn’t save me from getting sacked. 😉

The Agitator with Effective Writing for Small Nonprofits. My favorite tip when I’m writing either a direct mail appeal or an e-appeal is to write the thank you letter FIRST. This practice puts you in a gratitude mindset — rather than one of need. Another tip in my own arsenal is the use of quotations.

March’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival, How Nonprofits Can Break Through the Noise, is LIVE. Check it out for some great tips!

What’s in my Inbox | A stellar enews (from John Haydon).

What’s in my Mailbox | Legacy giving from the heart. Fundraiser Grrl Rory Green submitted today’s MUST READ What’s in my Mailbox, a heartfelt legacy appeal.

Have I told you how much I loved Ken Burnett’s new book? Storytelling Can Change The World | Book Review


A cure for fundraising acronym agita: Why those clever initials aren’t the shortcut you think. More terrific tips from Lisa Sargent.

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