Power of Storytelling | What can you do with just 30 seconds of video?

April 17, 2017


Birmingham-based Neverthirst is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to providing clean water solutions to the poor, particularly those who live in North Africa and Southern Asia. Below their “Donate Now” button is a caption reading, “Where there is clean and living water, life flows.” It’s not so much a compelling catchphrase as a universal truth. Often because of our privilege, we rarely explore this idea in any conscious, meaningful way. But there are instances when, even as a witness to fundamental lack in the world, we can reach some kind of clarity. Receiving something as essential and necessary — not to mention life-saving and pure — as water, for those who need it, provides not only life, but a critical tool for living it. This empowerment to those who need it happens because of people who care. Neverthirst and other organizations who perform similar work are platforms for people to express their caring, which they do through making donations.

Neverthirst’s work is critical, and so are the supporters who make it happen. This work not only transforms the lives of the poor, it vitally supports them. So 30 seconds hardly seems like enough time to piece together a meaningful video, let alone a compelling story. But somehow, Neverthirst did it, conveying a transition from despair to hope within a fleeting moment that leaves a lasting impression. This clip was a highlight of their CauseVox campaign, which ultimately raised nearly $220,000 to provide clean water for 300,000 people in 87 villages. Notice how Neverthirst communicates to their supporters that they aren’t *just donors* — they’re partners in an important mission. Check it out…


30 Second Promo from Neverthirst on Vimeo.


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