Are you looking for help creating a video to share your story? Last week I was introduced to Beau Chevassus of Knok Studio, and I liked their work so much we featured it in this week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling. Pricing as low as $330.

Grab your tissues for this week’s What’s in my Inbox, new from charity: water.

In this week’s What’s in my Mailbox we’ve got a simple card mailing.

If you’ve ever ”been on the phone yourself, scrambling to feel worthy of a foundation officer’s attention and money,” set aside some time to read this thoughtful piece by Courtney Martin. In Philanthropy, Who Is Actually Broken?

Mary Cahalane knows: The best retailers have created entire business models around getting to know their customers. Here’s why you need to be a donor detective.

And here’s one of the worst thank you letters I’ve ever seen. Internal Efficiencies & Tragic Fundraising Communication. Read it and weep.

Let’s Give! The Big List of National, Local and Collegiate Online Giving Days (2016 Edition) 

Jeff Brooks with one of the most important lessons for any fundraiser: donors are simply NOT interested in how you do what you do. Quick-fix fundraising: it’s how you do the job. 

What no one — especially fundraisers — should ignore or forget is the significant role generations of committed and persistent donors played in this historic smashing of the glass ceiling. From Roger and Tom over at The Agitator, Celebrate! 


What’s in my Mailbox | Results from a simple card mailing

July 27, 2016

During a recent mailbox rifling, I took notice of a mailing sent to me by The Hospice of East Texas. Shortly after opening the envelope and taking a look at the card and response device tucked inside, I emailed the Hospice’s Development Officer, Wendy Frizzell, who is also a Grow Report subscriber and Basics & […]

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What’s in my Inbox | Five years gone: Rachel Beckwith will never be forgotten

July 26, 2016

The sharp knife of a short life, oh well I’ve had just enough time -Kimberly Perry A legacy is often all the more poignant if it is the outcome of a child’s young life cut short, and in the case of Rachel Beckwith, her legacy has spurred thousands of people to make thousands of donations […]

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Power of Nonprofit Storytelling | Knok Studio: cost-effective storytelling and communication with video

July 25, 2016

Knok Studio, founded by Beau Chevassus, is a nonprofit organization with the “mission to mobilize volunteer talent to serve non-profit organizations, churches, and charities by capturing these charities’ stories.” The services offered are available to organizations through three package options that are priced accordingly. The options range from a short introductory video to a single […]

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What’s in my Mailbox | Sierra Club: Only human response can fight imminent honeybee extinction

July 20, 2016

I recently opened my mailbox to find an envelope from Sierra Club, sent from their Oakland, CA office. It was of standard size but packed thick, and that’s what caught my attention second. What caught my attention first? The envelope itself. Because it’s not every day that I stumble across a bumblebee the size of […]

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Power of Nonprofit Storytelling | Greenpeace, Shell & The Arctic: the people versus corporations battle

July 18, 2016

Greenpeace is an environmentally-focused organization with a strong international presence and reach. Through campaigning, they engage in peaceful protest and creative communication as a means to both expose global environmental issues and promote resolutions to these problems. Who Greenpeace is and what they do — the work to which they’re passionately dedicated, and their mission […]

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Fundraising Friday | July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016

On a Scale of 0 to 10, How Appreciated Do You Feel in Your Job? New from NonprofitPRO. All of a sudden Pokémon GO is everywhere! My friend Allyson Kapin with Pokemon 4 Easy Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Pokémon GO to Engage People. I was honored to work with the Veritus Group over the […]

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What’s in my Mailbox | Reaching Out On a Special Day

July 13, 2016

HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) Outreach, Inc. is a small-staffed nonprofit dedicated to empowering communities through offering their services to youth, families, and the elderly who need them. HOI’s volunteer force is crucial in carrying out the important work that this organization does, which involves helping people who face a variety of obstacles, including: job […]

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What’s in my Inbox | Everytown for Gun Safety: United in the fight for positive change

July 12, 2016

Post Dallas, Everytown for Gun Safety reached out to me through the words of Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Her perspective shed some fresh light on an all-too-familiar American story that has become our reality. Regardless of where we live, we cannot escape this tragedy, and with collective […]

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Fundraising Friday | July 8, 2016

July 8, 2016

You must read the statement that the Sierra Club just came out with in support of #BlackLivesMatter.  A reminder that we are united in our work to create a brighter world. It is everyone’s responsibility to speak out against injustice. Appleseed Ministries’ nonprofit email newsletter leads with gratitude and keeps it simple. This week’s What’s […]

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Fundraising Lessons from Trader Joe’s for the Small Nonprofit

July 7, 2016

If today, in the year 2016, your job title falls under the category of “one-person development department,” it’s very likely that sometimes, you feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off. I mean, think about it. The mere prospect of a OPDD is enough to trigger even the most seasoned CFRE to […]

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What’s in my Mailbox | Grace Cafe packs an emotional punch

July 6, 2016

A crowdfunding appeal for homelessness, hunger, and dignity: Grace Cafe, brought to you by Rachel Ramjattan My friend and fellow fundraiser, Rachel Ramjattan, CFRE, recently passed this absolute gem of an appeal letter on to me. It comes from a nonprofit called Grace Cafe, located in Danville, Kentucky. Rachel prefaced the appeal by explaining that […]

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What’s in my Inbox | A nonprofit email newsletter that keeps it simple

July 5, 2016

Appleseed Ministry Group, a member of our Simple Development Systems pilot program, is a nonprofit organization that aims to expand their dedicated group that trains leaders across Africa and Asia in multiplying churches in these underdeveloped countries, while also empowering the poor who reside within these locations through vocational training and education. Their mission is […]

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Fundraising Friday | July 1, 2016

July 1, 2016

In this week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling, we’re featuring “Golden,” a video that blossomed when art and storytelling collided. The fundraising I that I’ve witnessed from so many colleges and universities makes me want to cry. Why would you treat your loyal alumni like this? This week’s What’s in my Inbox. Why Do Your Donors […]

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What’s in my Inbox | And THIS is what I get from my alma mater?

June 28, 2016

A friend of mine, who  is whip-smart when it comes to nonprofit donor communications (she owns a communications firm), sent over today’s WIMI. She’s got a keen eye for uncovering the good, the bad, and the ugly on the donor communications front. Plus, she herself is a donor, and she recently forwarded me an email […]

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Power of Nonprofit Storytelling | Stellar storytelling through video: “Golden” is a work of art

June 27, 2016

“Golden,” a short film by German filmmaker Kai Stänicke, presents itself as a condensed biography of a boy’s life. Spanning from birth to late adolescence, the clip is focused on a protagonist who is navigating the world in which he lives, all while being “different.” This difference is marked and inescapable, whether he’s in solitude […]

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Fundraising Friday | June 24, 2016

June 24, 2016

Nonprofit Storytelling alum, Rouge Valley Health System, highlights one family at a time in their My Rouge Valley Baby video stories. Great stuff in this week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling. My good friend, Sandy Rees, came through for this week’s What’s in my Inbox. The Human Society of Dayton’s email is clean, simple and elegant. […]

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What’s in my Mailbox | What does it mean to be donor-centered?

June 22, 2016

I recently opened a newsletter packet sent from Mercy Corps, a Portland-based organization I’ve spotlighted a handful of times in the past. Mercy Corps is renowned, established, and they’ve got a global reach. Their mission involves the fight against poverty, and through their work, they’re bridging economic gaps around the world by investing in and […]

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What’s in my Inbox | Animals in danger: The Humane Society Dayton needs YOU

June 21, 2016

My friend Sandy Rees recently forwarded this e-appeal from one of her favorite clients, The Humane Society of Dayton, my way, and it’s not very hard to see why. In fact, for me, the ‘why’ can be broken up into three parts: Short and sweet. One component of communicating frequently and communicating well is simplicity. […]

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Power of Nonprofit Storytelling | Basics & More alum saves lives, one baby at a time

June 20, 2016

Rouge Valley Health System is a university-affiliated, community-based hospital that specializes in a number of different programs, including maternal and neonatal care in a state-of-the art birthing center and extensive pediatric services. An alum of my Nonprofit Storytelling Basics & More ecourse, RV is keenly aware of how to utilize the medium of video as […]

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