How are you thanking your monthly donors?

It’s a fact: some organizations underestimate the power of monthly giving. Rather than recognizing it as a program with the ability to transform organizations, instead, monthly donors often fall to the wayside. Yikes! How can you avoid overlooking your monthlies and letting them sink into a black hole? Make them feel special through expressing gratitude through unique, personalized communications, both by way of email and direct mail.

Are you a monthly donor to a particular organization, and if so, have they made you feel happy about your choice to give to them twelve times a year? How so?

I give on a monthly basis to Brittany’s Hope, an organization engaged in the work of providing safety to abandoned children. Their mission and the related work that they do captured my attention, while the way they communicate their gratitude to me inspires me to keep on giving. When a lumpy, stuffed envelope landed in my mailbox, I was intrigued, because right away, I knew it contained more than a receipt. I couldn’t wait to open it.

The result? I immediately felt a smile spreading across my face. Check out the handwritten note thanking me for my support, the lovely thank you drawing, and the gifts. That necklace is just beautiful! On their own, each component is worth sharing, but together, they’re a wonderful package. It was obvious to me that Brittany’s Hope took extra time and attention when it came time to express gratitude to not only me, but their base of monthly donors, and that means a lot. I’m glad to have supported them this far and feel enthusiastically happy about supporting them in the years to come. Yes, it’s about wanting to help children, but it’s also about donating to organizations who make me feel inspired by the work my gift is making happen.

Click on the envelope to see this package.



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