“We all like to feel special”

Do you understand what it means to be donor-centered?  Really?

SDSPodcastLogoAngel A. Aloma, has learned a thing or two about making donors feel special in his work as angel_alomaExecutive Director of Food For The Poor.  I met Angel at the FundRaising Success Engage Conference in Philadelphia, where he and his team presented on how Food For The Poor went from being a small charity with a big dream – to a $1billion-a-year charity fighting extreme poverty in 17 countries.

In this Simple Development Systems podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How Food for the Poor learned more about their donor’s motivations to give
  • How understanding donor-centricity enabled Food for the Poor to move from mailing 24 pieces of mail to 27 pieces, with a 70% reduction in ‘too much mail’ complaints
  • Why you need to think 24/7 about how can you make your donors feel good, and more


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Train Your Board (And Everyone Else) To Raise Money | Book Review

April 20, 2014

What is it about board members and fundraising? When I asked readers to share their biggest issue with their board, many pointed to fundraising as the number one grievance. “They feel like fundraising is slimy or beneath them.” “They think it’s all about finding the next big corporate sponsor, rather than taking care of current […]

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Nonprofit Storytelling with Video | Three Unbreakable Rules

April 8, 2014

How are you sharing your organization’s stories? I’m a big believer in constant story collection – from your clients, your donors, your founder, your staff (see my article 6 Tips for Collecting Great Nonprofit Stories for more information) – but just as importantly as the stories you tell, is the method you use to tell […]

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5 Steps to Unlocking Hidden Fundraisers: A Practical Guide to Working Better With Program Staff and Raising More Money

April 2, 2014

Guest blogger, Rory Green has been fundraising since the age of 10, when she volunteered to help run her school’s annual Bike-A-Thon for juvenile cancer research. Fundraising became her vocation at 14, when she lost a friend to Leukemia. Rory is Senior Development Officer at Canada’s BCIT Foundation by day, and infamous as the brilliant […]

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The dark side of nonprofit monthly giving

March 25, 2014

The wider adoption of monthly giving (also known as regular or sustained giving) in the U.S. could itself transform philanthropy.” Dr. Adrian Sargeant Nonprofit monthly giving is awesome.  It results in increased donor retention and loyalty.  Your monthly donors are strongly predisposed to bequest giving.  And oooh la la, your monthly giving program results in […]

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Simple Development Systems Podcast | Jeff Brooks of Future Fundraising Now

March 17, 2014

Join me today as we chat with Jeff Brooks of Future Fundraising Now and the author of The Fundraiser’s Guide to Irresistible Communications. If you’ve ever had the experience of writing the perfect appeal or thank you letter – only to have your board president or ED wield their mighty red pen – you’ll want to […]

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Does your nonprofit annual report focus on what really counts?

March 12, 2014

“When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters-one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy “We need an annual report…yesterday!” Those were the words from my supervisor, the director of development.  The year was 2003 and I was insanely busy in my second position in nonprofit fundraising, grantwriter […]

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Success With SDS | Your Fundraising Plan & Case for Support

March 10, 2014

Once a month we’ll be featuring guest posts from Simple Development Systems | Fundraising Solutions for Small Nonprofits members.  Blogging for us today is Mary Cahalane.  Mary is a fundraiser and consultant in Connecticut. She began her nonprofit career almost 30 years ago in theater and remains a passionate arts lover. She loves spending her days […]

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Confession: I’m a member of a cult

March 3, 2014

Sitting in the warm comfort of my grandmother’s farm kitchen many years ago, surrounded by the smells of Christmas, a  group of us older cousins were catching up on each other’s lives when Kurt made the surprising statement. “I’ve always known that I’m grandma’s favorite,” he said, going on to detail with assurance all the […]

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The best thing your nonprofit can do to increase individual giving (but you need to start now!)

February 26, 2014

“If you care about retention … if you care about sustainability … significant net income and, eventually, massive bequest income, it’s time to invest some of yourself in mastering the art and finance of monthly giving…” Roger Craver What’s the best thing your nonprofit probably isn’t doing that it should be doing (or could be […]

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Simple Development Systems Podcast | Creating Your ‘Gratitude Report’

February 24, 2014

What does it really mean to be donor-centered? How can your organization be more donor-centered? When it comes to creating your annual report, how can you create a publication that your donors will get excited about? Your nonprofit’s annual report doesn’t have to be that deadly dull piece of corporate-ise you’re used to – not […]

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11 Easy Steps to Growing Your Online Fundraising

February 12, 2014

Small shop fundraisers who are looking to either create or ramp up their online newsletters owe it to themselves to check out the latest report from Dunham+Company and NextAfter. Online Fundraising Scorecard: A National Study Analyzing Online Fundraising Habits & Donor Experience scored 151 nonprofits on 46 different metrics over the course of nine months.  […]

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Successful fundraising for the long-haul |Tackling the “not-so-sexy” stuff

February 6, 2014

Landing your first million-dollar gift…writing that appeal letter that results in a 40% increase over last year…having a $250,000 bequest gift land in your mailbox…  The sexy side of fundraising to be sure.  But it takes hard work and fundraising the right way to get there.  And doing things the “right way” means getting your […]

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The Act of Giving | It’s Personal

February 3, 2014

What compels you to reach for your credit card and make an online donation?  At the end of the day, when you’re sorting your mail over the trash, what is it that compels you to read that one solicitation letter and set it aside to later write a check? Why do you give to a […]

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Success with SDS | When “No” Is The Worst That Can Happen

January 29, 2014

Once a month we’ll be featuring guest posts from Simple Development Systems | Fundraising Solutions for Small Nonprofits members.  Blogging for us today is Rachel Ramjattan of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Miami. After attending Simple Development Systems’ Non-Profit Storytelling webinar presented by Chris Davenport, I scored a $10,000 donation from an existing donor I’d […]

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Nonprofit donor retention | The cheapest way to fundraise

January 27, 2014

“Over 70% of people that we recruit into organizations never come back and make another gift, so we’re caught on this treadmill where we have to spend lots of money on acquisition which most nonprofits lose money on anyway, just to stand still.” – Dr. Adrian Sargeant What’s the easiest, least-expensive way to raise more […]

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The Cult of Free Will Kill Your Fundraising

January 15, 2014

Is there a dark secret in nonprofit fundraising, one that is nearly as bleak as the abysmal donor retention rates, one that holds organizations back from realizing their true potential? Read on as we explore the hidden underbelly of the nonprofit world… Early on in my fundraising career,  I worked with a small nonprofit agency […]

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7 Nonprofit Resolutions for 2014 to Set Your Nonprofit on the Path to Sustainability

January 9, 2014

Did you finish 2013 much like you finished 2012, scrambling to meet deadlines, with too many things on your plate, wondering where the year went? One of the registrants for my current course, Your Fundraising Plan & Case for Support, put it succinctly: My top two priorities before the end of 2013 were to create […]

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The top 10 fundraising posts of 2013…

January 1, 2014

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Eleanor Roosevelt Happy New Year!   And thank you — for being a Grow Report subscriber, for being a reader, for your questions, for your feedback, for your work in the trenches. Following are the best fundraising post of 2013 from both […]

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Email newsletters done right | Splash keeps it simple

December 23, 2013

Splash, a Seattle-based non-profit, is one example of an organization that does everything right, from its wholly donor-focused website to it’s simple mission: “To change the lives of vulnerable children in impoverished urban areas by providing clean, safe drinking water to orphanages, schools, children’s hospitals, street shelters, and rescue homes.” Their latest email newsletter provides […]

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