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Nonprofits and the CARE Act | A Motivate Monday Webinar (direct link)

Facebook: COVID 19 Charity Preparedness Group: A private Facebook group of nonprofit organizations around the world

Covid-19 Nonprofit & Philanthropy Resources. A Google document curated by Beth Kanter.

A Novel Opportunity to Strengthen Public Trust in the Nonprofit World (Opinion)

Nonprofit guide to COVID planning. From the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.reso

A Huge Mistake Nonprofits Make in Preparing for COVID-19

Lessons from Motivate Monday | How Nonprofits Can Navigate COVID-19. Beth Kanter with lessons on self-care and working from home (30-minute presentation)

Advice and Resources for Nonprofits – COVID-19 / Coronavirus | Recession | Remote Work. From Motivate Monday’s sponsor, Bloomerang.

Meet Nana Murphy: lessons in donor care from Merchants Quay Ireland. Download this case study to discover how one tiny charity grew exponentially during one of the worst economic periods in history.

New to virtual meetings? Here’s how to make yours successful right out of the gate. Lessons From Motivate Monday | Making Your Meetings Virtually In-Person

Can you transition your gala to virtual? Sherry Truhlar tells you how to do it in this engaging MotivateMonday chat.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Key Compliance Deadlines

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine. From Eileen M Feliciano, Psychologist, PsyD, MSEd. 

Nonprofit Crisis Management: A Checklist. From The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

U.S. Nonprofits and Suppliers: What You Need to Get an Emergency Forgivable Covid-19 Loan

CDC Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

During these times of uncertainty, you can be certain that American Addiction Centers (AAC) cares about your recovery journey and we understand that attending in-person meetings over the coming weeks will be difficult. We’re here to support you with Virtual Support Meetings.

Telehealth and Online Mental Health Resources During COVID-19 Pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic threatens not only health, life, and the economy. It threatens a recovery from substance abuse. When an individual is ready to tackle their substance use disorder, time is of the essence. Any delay might derail their willingness or desire to abstain from alcohol or drugs. Once treatment has started, any interruption might derail the rehab process. And even after rehab, aftercare services such as therapy and support groups are needed to help prevent relapse.

Fundraising and Donor Communications


During COVID-19: The Supporter Experience is More Important than Ever. A free downloadable call script for communicating with your donors.

Free resources for creating a coronavirus appeal Excellent templates from Mark Phillips of BlueFrog.

Essential Advice and Resources for Nonprofits – COVID-19 / Coronavirus | Recession | Remote Work

40+ Examples of COVID-19 Response From Charities & NPOs

What We Have Learned From Crises and Can Use in Coronavirus Age

The rise of altruism. A must-read from Richard Turner.

Julia Campbell has created a Google drive curation of nonprofit communications during COVID-19

What’s In My Inbox | A B&M Alum shows how to communicate with your donors right now. An excellent supporter update. 

Retaining and Growing Your Monthly Donor Program During COVID-19  A Motivate Monday webinar.

Fundraising from home during COVID-19: Nine Tips 

COVID-19 Nonprofit Communications | Building Community in a Pandemic. Discover how one local arts organization is keeping their supporters engaged — and raising money!

Fundraising in a time of crisis: SOFII’s guide to navigating tough times

Should we send our scheduled appeal/newsletter/annual report in the midst of COVID-19? A free downloadable Template for COVID-19 updates to accompany a scheduled direct mail appeal, newsletter, etc.

Lessons from Motivate Monday | Funding your organization’s coronavirus “story” and talking to major donors right now. What is your organization’s story around COVID-19 and how knowing will help to frame your next ask.

For small nonprofits who may not have attempted digital yet. Nonprofit Communications in COVID-19 | Grow your digital skills with an emergency appeal

Digital Mobilisation During the Covid Outbreak – Messaging and Tier 1 Tactics

Nonprofit Fundraising Data to Help You Respond During the COVID-19 Crisis

A comprehensive listing of COVID-19 related grants for 501c3 nonprofits, thanks to Instrumentl

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11 Ways to Make 2020 Your Most Successful Fundraising Year Ever

January 5, 2020

1) Focus on the basics (Create Your Systems) W. Edwards Deming said, “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them.” Develop your rinse-and-repeat systems for growing individual giving. How are you transforming first-time donors into regular donors, as well as mid-level donors into […]

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“What grade level do you write to?” A lesson in a Gratitude Report

August 12, 2020

During this week’s MotivateMonday Q&A session featuring John Lepp, Partner at Agents of Good, Ann asked, “What grade level do you write to?” It’s a great question and one we’ve been asked time and time again. As John noted, we typically aim to keep the grade reading level for donor communications between grades 4 and […]

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Lessons from MotivateMonday | Developing your organization’s donor communication’s voice while working remotely

August 5, 2020

How do donor-centered fundraising communications form the core of your fundraising program? And how do you do it all with a small team? This past Monday, we were fortunate to have two members of the Center for Election Science team on board for a MotivateMonday power half hour. We were joined by Caitlyn Alley Peña, […]

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The US Postal Service Slowdown: Is Your Fundraising in Danger?

August 3, 2020

As we enter into the month of August, I’ve been hearing increasing stories of US postal mail slowdown. In my region of the suburbs of Philadelphia, some towns are reporting no mail delivery for up to five days. And when I asked friends on Facebook whether they were seeing signs of a slowdown in mail […]

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Fundraising Friday | July 31, 2020

July 31, 2020

Donor Love, Donor Communications How can you tell your stories on Instagram if they don’t lend themselves to photos? Black Mainline Speaks is one account that is using this very visual medium in a compelling way. This week’s Power of Storytelling.  A Gratitude Report is a key communications piece of the Simple Development Systems puzzle. In this Lessons from MotivateMonday, […]

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Lessons From Motivate Monday | What’s REALLY Working During COVID-19?

July 30, 2020

When it comes to fundraising, what’s really working during COVID-19? This past Monday, Steven Shattuck (repeat MotivateMonday guest and Chief Engagement Officer for Bloomerang) returned, and he helped to answer this very question. Also worth mentioning: Steven is the author of our upcoming August Book Drawing pick, Robots Make Bad Fundraisers: How Fundraisers Can Maintain the Heart […]

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The Power of Storytelling | “The Look” explores being Black in America and you won’t forget it

July 30, 2020

Procter & Gamble released a short film called “The Look,” last year, but I’ve seen the video on multiple social media accounts more recently, and considering some of the crucial conversations that have been taking place within the past few months, it makes sense. Clocking in at just under two minutes, this clip reveals one […]

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Lessons From Motivate Monday | Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits

July 22, 2020

In a small shop, the Executive Director or Development Director is often wearing many hats — grantwriter, event planner, individual giving manager, communications manager, volunteer coordinator, and more. How do you manage to fit something else on your plate? For even the smallest nonprofit, creating an effective PR strategy is important. This past Monday, we […]

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What’s in My Mailbox | What to Look for in a Donor-Friendly Reply Device

July 22, 2020

In Simple Development Systems, your guide to growing your fundraising, monthly giving plays a vital role. We recommend two to five dedicated monthly giving asks in the course of a year, using a mix of direct mail and email. Now, in the midst of a pandemic and global uprisings, monthly giving is more important than […]

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Power of Storytelling | This Instagram account is using storytelling to expose racism in elite schools

July 9, 2020

The Instagram account @blackmainlinespeaks was founded anonymously on June 11th. Since then, it has served as a space on Instagram for Black private school alumni to tell their stories. Each post is an anonymous personal account told from the perspective of a Main Line private school graduate. Shortly after its inception, the page was expanded […]

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Lessons From Motivate Monday | What is a Gratitude Report?

July 9, 2020

While annual reports aren’t required by law, they provide nonprofits with legitimacy like nothing else does. During my days as a program associate for a major grantmaking foundation, we rarely, if ever, funded nonprofits without an annual report. If done well, an annual report shows your supporters and community leaders the impact you’ve had. They can play […]

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Fundraising Friday | June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

COVID-19, Donor Communications #CoronaComms Can hand-addressed envelopes make a difference? Yes, a very big difference. See how in this example from What’s in my Mailbox. It’s hard to think in terms of “both sides” these days. But Preemptive Love gives it their best effort in a call for unity. What’s in My Inbox. My favorite capital campaign resource, Robin Cabral, […]

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What’s In My Inbox | AWAIC backs up solidarity with action and invites supporters in

June 17, 2020

In her emotional commencement speech to the graduating class of Immaculate Heart High School, Meghan Markle noted, “The only wrong thing to say is to say nothing.” In her six-minute address, she remembered a time when she was volunteering during her sophomore year at the all-female school. One of her former teachers, Ms. Pollia, said […]

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Responding to These Times: How Can Your Nonprofit Show Support and Solidarity?

June 11, 2020

2020 has been quite a year, to put it mildly. Amidst the chaos of our COVID-19 reality, a movement has perhaps reached the tipping point of affecting real change. This movement was in response to so many things, including the death of George Floyd and other Black people whose lives were cut short due to […]

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Resources for Education, Inclusion, Accountability, & Support

June 9, 2020

As both nonprofit professionals and human beings, it is our personal responsibility to do what is necessary to fight racism. Right now is a critical time. We must educate ourselves, hold others accountable, do the work (from donating, to signing petitions, to contacting officials, to protesting), and above all, we must listen. This battle is […]

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Making your donors feel valued and appreciated | Interview with Lana Zring, Donor Care Coordinator of Preemptive Love

June 4, 2020

Preemptive Love is “a coalition stretching across Iraq, Syria, the United States, and beyond, working together to unmake violence and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” As both a fundraiser and a donor, I’ve been impressed with their ability to make every donor feel valued and appreciated. Recently Preemptive Love’s Donor […]

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What’s In My Inbox | Center for Reproductive Rights makes their position unequivocally clear

June 3, 2020

Now is the time to clearly state your position. Because silence speaks volumes, and not in the way you want. Right now, “we” makes sense in communicating to your supporters where you stand. You’re here to do good work in the world. But you have a platform, and it’s necessary to use it right now […]

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What’s In My Mailbox | Bethany’s COVID-19 appeal surpasses goal…by 296%!

June 1, 2020

Bethany Health Care, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, seeks to provide a high level of care to residents who need it. This individualized care, which addresses physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social needs, takes place in a comfortable, homey environment. BHC is doing important work. They’ve created a space where […]

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What’s In My Mailbox | Caritas of Austin’s COVID-19 Story

May 28, 2020

Caritas of Austin is a nonprofit dedicated to fighting homelessness in the Greater Austin area. Their appeal letter recently landed in my mailbox, and it paints a compelling COVID-19 story. Supporters gain a clear understanding of how COVID has impacted Caritas and how the organization is continuing its work under current conditions. The letter conveys […]

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Power of Storytelling | The Innocence Project With Storytelling At Its Finest

May 27, 2020

Has your board been urging you to look for a celebrity endorsement? Take it from me, the endorsement of the latest Netflix star is not the answer to your fundraising woes. But, in the case of a very special celeb endorsement like this one from Simon Cowell, I’m betting that the Innocence Project wins many […]

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What’s In My Inbox | Growing Monthly Giving During COVID-19, an example from YES!

May 27, 2020

YES! Media offers a truly unique brand of journalism that is ideal for our current times. Their reporting seeks to explain societal problems and possible solutions. YES! is transparent, nonpartisan, independent, and ethical. In an age where much valuable journalism lies beyond a paywall, YES! remains ad-free. This reader-supported nonprofit is doing so much right […]

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