What’s In My Inbox | Your Holiday “Away” Message

July 6, 2023

And the livin’ is easy…

It’s the time of long nights, lemonade, relaxation, and quality time, with friends and family.

It’s also the time when inboxes are crammed with “Away” messages.

Before you set out for your well-deserved break, it’s crucial to inform your colleagues, clients, and contacts about your absence. Composing an “Away” email message that conveys warmth, friendliness, and professionalism goes a long way to maintaining positive relationships and managing expectations.

Start with a Polite Greeting:
Begin your email with a friendly and professional greeting. Address your recipient(s) individually or use a generic greeting like “Hello,” “Hi,” or “Dear colleagues.”

Express Gratitude:
Take a moment to express gratitude for the recipient’s email and their understanding of your upcoming absence. A simple line like, “Thank you for reaching out” or “I appreciate your email” will show your appreciation.

Inform About Your Vacation:
Clearly mention the dates of your vacation and specify when you’ll be away from work. This helps set expectations and allows recipients to plan accordingly. For example, you can say, “I will be out of the office from [start date] to [end date].”

Offer Alternative Contacts:
Provide information about a colleague or supervisor who can assist during your absence. This allows the recipient to reach out to someone who can help address their needs in your absence. Make sure to include the name, email address, and contact number of the alternative contact.

Assure Prompt Response:
While you’re away, reassure your recipients that you will respond to their email promptly upon your return. It’s important to convey that their message is important to you. You can say, “I will do my best to respond to your email as soon as I return on [return date].”

Set Email Checking Frequency:
To manage expectations, you can mention how often you will be checking your emails while on vacation. For example, you can say, “During my vacation, I will have limited access to email and will be checking it sporadically.” This lets others know that there might be a slight delay in your response.

Personalize Your Message:
To add a personal touch, consider including a brief sentence about your vacation plans. You can mention your destination or the activities you’re looking forward to. Sharing a bit of personal information helps foster connection and reinforces your warm and friendly tone.

Close with Warmth:
End your email with a warm closing, such as “Warm regards,” “Best wishes,” or “Enjoy your week.” It adds a personal touch and leaves a positive impression on the recipient.

Set up an Auto-Responder:
To ensure that everyone receives your “Away” message, set up an auto-responder in your email settings. This feature automatically sends your prepared message to anyone who emails you during your vacation period.

Craft a warm and friendly “Away” message, and infuse it with your personality. By expressing gratitude, providing necessary information, and assuring prompt response, you can maintain positive relationships and manage expectations while you enjoy your vacation. Remember, a well-crafted message will leave a lasting impression and reflect your professionalism and courtesy. So, go ahead and take that well-deserved break, knowing that you’ve left behind a friendly and informative “Away” message for your colleagues, clients, and contacts.

Have you moved on completely? Take a cue from this delightful message from Jessica McKinney, formerly of the Upstate Family Resource Center. She’s moved on in her professional career and uses her “Away” message to encourage donations.

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