Spread too thin? Create a thank you redirect page for your PayPal donors

October 1, 2013

Unless you’re in the midst of it, it’s hard to fathom the skill set required of a one-person nonprofit development and marketing department.  My own career path has led me to positions where I was responsible for:

  • all content creation, including donor appeals, print newsletters, web copy, email campaigns, annual reports and more
  • website development and maintenance
  • graphic design
  • grant proposal writing and reportingmajor gifts
  • event planning
  • database management

and, of course getting those donor thank you letters out the door within the recommended 48 hours. 

Relax.  If there’s one thing being a one-person development department (or a business owner, for that matter) has taught me, it’s that everything — but everything — is figure-out-able.

Let that be your mantra.  Everything is figure-out-able (hat tip to Marie Forleo).

If you’re doing it all, and cobbling together systems that include using excel for a database (horrors, we won’t go there) and PayPal for accepting donations AND trying to get out your thank you letters within 48 hours, this tip can help you issue a prompt and heartfelt online thank you immediately following a gift (and maybe buy you an extra day or two to get your letters out).

Follow these instructions for creating a url that will redirect your donors to a custom thank you page once a donor has made a gift via PayPal.  Get creative — use video, staff or client photographs — make it heartfelt and genuine.

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Katy November 12, 2013 at 2:21 pm

Fantastic reminder (and encouragement for those that are our organization’s Swiss Army Knife). We’re still using PayPal despite the desire to integrate a form in our website, so the option to at least redirect from PayPal to a Thank You page on our site makes me sleep better at night. Google analytics also help me track our success rate moving to/from PayPal.

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