Fundraising Friday | December 19, 2014

December 20, 2014


Fundraisers are storytellers, but we’re also tasked with being data scientists.” The always brilliant Jonathon Grapsas with M​usings of a direct response fundraiser no. 2: finding the ‘sweet spot’.  This one’s important and you’re busy. Bookmark it to come back to after the new year.

Direct mail won’t be dying anytime soon.  From NPR: Why Retailers Keep Sending You Catalogs.

What’s in my Mailbox | “It’s Christmas and I got nobody” Pull out the tissues. This Covenant House appeal could soften Old Man Potter’s cold heart.

I do believe I’ve learned more about online fundraising from two years of being a donor than anything else.  This week’s What’s in my Inbox | Lessons from being a donor.

Last minute fundraising

Year-End Fundraising…and the Giving is Easy | 9 simple tips to to rock yours

How Many Year-End Fundraising Emails Should You Send?

Subject Lines for Your Last-Minute Email Appeals (knock them off)

Improve Your Email Campaigns

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