What’s in my Inbox | 15 Non-profits (and a few businesses) you should subscribe to

December 29, 2015


How do you master fun, engaging, ‘donate-able’ email copy?  ‘Swipe files’ provide a great method of generating ideas and keeping you inspired (not copying!) as you draft your enewsletters, eappeals, and other communications. And you may want to begin by setting up a separate email account and subscribing to to the following nonprofit organizations (with a few extras thrown in for good balance).

Which email communications do I see featuring consistently great content?

  1. Save the Chimps. Fun? Check. Inspiring? Check. Consistent? You can count on a pretty full inbox when you subscribe to Save the Chimps e-communications – and you’ll enjoy every last one of ‘em.
  2. Mercy Corps. Strong storytelling, strong subject headers, all-around strong email fundraising. Don’t miss it.
  3. St. Jude. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Your weekly update and patient spotlight enews is always a worthy read. Stellar online systems.
  4. Soi Dog Foundation. Along with their Facebook fundraising, Soi Dog also rocks their email fundraising with consistently good headlines and compelling copy. I loved a recent survey so much, it got it’s own post.
  5. The Smithsonian. Always good stuff from the Smithsonian, including this recent appeal from a donor.
  6. Zingermans. It all started when my mom confessed to an intense craving for a Reuben sandwich. Since I live in another state and wasn’t around to make one for her, I did the next best thing, I sent her a Reuben sandwich kit from Zingermans. She hasn’t stopped talking about how good it was. Ever since then I’ve been gifting webinar presenters with Zingerman’s coffee cakes. Their emails are as good as their food.
  7. Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. Probably one of the best examples of nonprofit email communications I’ve seen from a small shop, from their delightful welcome series, to their enewsletters.
  8. War Child. War Child does a beautiful job communicating the harsh realities of their work.
  9. Marie Forleo. Online marketer Marie Forleo’s writing will make you feel like she’s your BFF and she’s on your side. And her video missives are fun and inspiring too.
  10. Bernie Sanders. Yes, it’s my cross to bear: every presidential election year, I subscribe to receive every candidate’s email communications. Bernie is the lone standout in the bunch. Sanders’ team has extraordinary communication skills. Case in point. Read it and weep.
  11. Best Friends Animal Society. Cupid the Wondercat Beats All the Odds!   Call Her Coco — A Star is Born! Best Friends Animal Society leads the pack with killer subject lines…and the stories and pictures to back them up.
  12. American Museum of Natural History. Who could resist opening an email with the subject line, The Dinosaurs of Ghost Ranch and the Ecosystem in Your Belly Button?
  13. Donors Choose. Make a donation to see a top notch example of the finest followup ever, bar none.
  14. National Center for Lesbian Rights.  Aside from an exceptional welcome series,  NCLR has consistently excellent email communications with a deeply human touch.
  15. Greenpeace USA. Thank you for stopping Shell. A dark secret exposed. Always compelling subject headers, always compelling copy that draws you into the mission, right alongside Greenpeace. Donor love: this is how it’s done.

Who is in your swipe file?

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