Fundraising Friday | May 13, 2016

May 13, 2016


Heartfelt thanks to the dozens of you who responded to my call last Friday for Give Local America experiences. We’ve compiled your thoughts (and mine) in When Giving Days Go Wrong |Give Local America. Oh and PLEASE don’t think that my recommendation means to be fearful of technology. If your nonprofit is going to survive and thrive, you need to wholeheartedly EMBRACE technology in smart, strategic ways — which may or may not include giving days.

And see Kivi’s The Heroes and Villains of the Give Local America Story #GiveDayLessons and Beth Kanter with Why Can’t the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector Scale Generosity? #givedaylessons.

Don’t you love those days when all your hard work seems to coalesce into divine kismet and the world is a place of fundraising miracles? That’s what happened to this month’s book drawing winner, Kelley Carpenter, Director of Development and Marketing for Cross Lines Community Outreach, whose story is featured in Doing the Nonprofit Happy Dance.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? See how some nonprofits celebrated in What’s in my Inbox | Mother’s Day matters — even to nonprofits and their communications!

In this week’s What’s in my Mailbox, see how one Non-profit Grades Itself on Performance. This one’s a keeper for your swipe files! Courtesy of the Veritus Group.

A very cool Fundraising Gift Range Calculator, courtesy of Sumac.

One of my favorite fundraisers, Laura Crowdace, with A fundraiser can’t care too much: the donor’s letter that became my moral compass.

36 Marketing Blogs your Nonprofit Should Start Reading Today

You’re cleaning up for the night (only 45 minutes behind schedule) and see that you still didn’t finish the grant proposal that needs to be out the door by Friday, and you’ve added three things to your ‘to do’ list (and only crossed off one). The rest of the time was eaten up by putting out fires. Quit the to-do list and do this instead.

Don’t thank your donors today. Wait! What? New from Veritus.

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