What’s In My Inbox | UNICEF USA brings hope and help during distress

September 19, 2017

How are nonprofits handling catastrophe right now?

UNICEF USA illustrates a powerful example of how to deal with a disaster. Their most recent email to land in my inbox is to the point, urgent, and effective. It opens with harrowing imagery that conveys deep distress. The text superimposed over the photograph of a young boy observing the rubble voices our immediate concerns of the helplessness and hopelessness that many of us have been relating to lately.

And the body of the email, while short, has a lot of heart and soul. It contains a personal account, which fuels not only the urgency of the situation but the reality of it. And to the catastrophe contains a solution that is full of hope. I found comfort in knowing that UNICEF is doing vital work in disaster-stricken areas — work that they want to invite their supporters, like me, to be a part of. Now, more than ever, I fully grasp why making a gift is so important. I think that you will, too. Check it out.

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