Power of Storytelling | Adopting a purple hippo has never been more compelling ;-)

September 18, 2017


Appleton, Wisconsin-based Fox Valley Humane Association is a nonprofit shelter engaged in doing wonderful work for animals. FVHA recently utilized instagram as a storytelling platform, and the narrative, which progressed over the course of a few posts (including short video clips), was decidedly goal-oriented, but also humorous. Showcased on a Rover.com blog called “Daily Treat,” the post “Dog and His Fuzzy Purple Hippo Must Be Adopted Together, Shelter Says,” links to FVHA’s instagram page, where the story unfolds over a course of a few installments.

Without further ado, meet Hank and his close friend and polar opposite, a fuzzy purple hippo. They’re quite a pair!

You’ve probably got one burning question. Did they get adopted??? Read on to find out!

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