What’s In My Mailbox | A smart, effective, and considerate ask from Dana-Farber

July 26, 2017

I hate to say it, but lately, I’m struggling to find compelling mailbox examples to feature for WIMM installments, and so I’ve not been featuring them. Good mail, like a good man, is often hard to find. To solve this ongoing conundrum of plenty of mail but scarce *amazing mail,* I’ve been putting out feelers and reaching out to some of my friends. Mary Cahalane is one of them, and she sent me an inbox-worthy installment almost immediately. Thanks for that, Mary.

It comes from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and it’s a glorious package with lots of good things going on. Namely, the eye-catching oversized envelope with a donor-focused “handwritten” note on it, a deftly executed donor-focused ask, and the superb storytelling (spotlighting a child named Declan and his experience, while connecting his success to Jimmy’s Team). Dana-Farber has put the ball in their donors’ courts and provided an opportunity to control how often they want to give, and when. In fact, this idea is a key component of their special giving program, Jimmy’s Team. The idea also speaks to an often shared sentiment among donors, even those who give generously and often: sometimes too much mail is too much mail, regardless of what important (and beloved) cause its attached to. As Mary notes, “I thought it was a smart ask – not limited to monthly, but the way you’d do monthly.”

The P.S. is decidedly donor-focused, too, speaking to supporters and their preferences on an individual level.

From start to finish, it’s a compelling package, and I’m grateful to Mary for sharing it with me. Observe it in all its glory below…


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