Everything You Need to Know to Raise Thousands of Dollars With a Facebook Fundraiser

June 6, 2018

Has a board member ever started a fundraiser on Facebook and you didn’t know how to manage it? How exactly do you run (and maximize!) a Facebook fundraiser? Just last month, Sean Kosofsky responded to my reach out and graced us with his presence over one Motivate Monday power half hour, where we were treated to his insight on how to do just that. A current “Nonprofit Fixer” with a career spanning over two decades, Sean has focused on areas that include fundraising, policy, diversity training, campaigns, nonprofit management, and consulting. As someone who knows how to build political and organizational power, he’s earned a national reputation, doing amazing work in the fields of LGBT equality, civil rights, women’s rights, environmental protection, and more. We were all happy to have Sean on board!

During the tail end of 2016, Facebook launched a game-changer in the form of their own fundraising platform. Sean knows how to work it, and in this presentation, he lets you in on how to work it, too. Lucky for you and your nonprofit team, this session is available for posterity in the MoMon archive, where you can listen to it over and over again. You need to do yourself a favor and watch the presentation in entirety. Really, you do. But to get you even more amped up, here’s a sneak preview in the form of one of Sean’s slides, featuring some pretty sweet tips. Click it to listen to the full session. It’s the next best thing to being there. The handout referenced in the presentation is right over here.



And speaking of being there? Motivate Monday was initially launched as an inspirational kick-start for your week, a half-hour space where you could connect with other nonprofit fundraisers, share your wins, and head into your week with a pep in your step. We started it to remind you on a weekly basis that you are out there in the nonprofit world, doing the work that matters.

Within short period of time, MoMon has grown wings and taken flight. Everyone who is anyone in the nonprofit sector has appeared as a guest, including such luminaries as Ken Burnett, Roger Craver, Tom Ahern, Gail Perry, Andrea Kihlstedt, Harvey McKinnon. We’ve also featured extra special guests like Dr. Valerie Young. We want to give you more, and so we will. Very soon, we’ll be taking it to the next level, and we’ll continue to bring you nonprofit wisdom not only from leaders of the industry, but some pretty awesome “outsiders.” We’ll also be including some extra fundraising tools you’ll want to add to your arsenal, and you won’t be able to find them anywhere else. Because of these changes, we’ve decided a Motivate Monday Membership is your best option. And we’re working on it right now. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting new development.


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