What’s In My Mailbox | Smart fundraisers know…you can never say thank you too often!

June 20, 2018

Julie Edwards is Executive Director of The Humane Society of Northeast Georgia. I’ve mentioned her before because she’s a dynamic personality who continually does cool stuff. She works Facebook Live like a pro, creating a wonderful example for nonprofits everywhere. She writes awesomely creative thank you letters. Day after day, through her work at HSNEGA, including her work with their donors, she’s inspiring and creating positive change. And Julie not only communicates to supporters through writing great thank you letters, she sends these letters often.

I just received one of Julie’s thank you letters, and it’s one of many. This particular thank you was in response to my one-time gift towards Julie’s Facebook birthday campaign. Julie’s letter added an extra sweet note of gratitude, and it went both ways: her thanks to me made me feel thankful that I could help continue HSNEGA’s work. Julie notes that she changes up her thank you letters every month.

Check the letter out below. Notice how storytelling plays an important role. The narrative is short and sweet, but it is also very powerful. It’s a story about survival, and it’s a story about how donors made that survival possible through their support.


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