What’s In My Inbox | National Toilet Day…a time for celebration, and matching gifts!

November 28, 2018

We’ve talked about this before: there are some strange “holidays” out there. We’re not talking about the nationally (or even globally) recognized and celebrated standards, like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Those less-known designated calendar days that are quirky, silly, and sometimes even yummy can a lot of fun, too. Did you know today is National French Toast Day? Some of these days raise awareness in an important way. Others act as a call to recognize the special people in our lives. The list is practically endless, and so many of these days serve as opportunities for your organization and your donor communications (and they’re all listed in our brand new 2019 Fundraising & Marketing Calendar and planner).

Who would’ve thought World Toilet Day could be used to generate impact? Oxfam Gifts, a dynamic global movement fighting to end the injustice of poverty, sent me a brilliant email on National Toilet Day, which was November 29. The header was, The day we’ve all been waiting for: World Toilet Day!

The thing is, Oxfam Gifts *really* has been waiting for it. Why? Because they know it’s a chance to double all toilet gifts. For one day only, the toilet gifts that donors purchase for people in need will go twice as far. Each toilet donated on this day was matched. Their goal? 600 toilets by the end of the day.

Think this would be a hard sell because toilets aren’t glamorous or cute? Um, think again. Proper sanitation resources protect against illness. Girls who have access stay in school longer, bettering their chances of success. They’re a source of dignity and health.

Check out the message, and see why I was inspired…by toilets.

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