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May 27, 2021

YES! is a nonprofit, independent publisher of solutions journalism. The first issue of the magazine was published in summer 1996, but it’s new to me, having only recently subscribed. I appreciate the mission of YES! and, in addition to my own subscription and several gift subscriptions, I’m a monthly donor.

I’m a monthly supporter of quite a few organizations, in fact. But, until I received this letter from YES! you’d never know it from the donor communications I receive from them. Here’s what I appreciated about this letter:

  • Transparency: The letter opens with: “Last year at this time I made an uncomfortably candid admission. Something an executive director really doesn’t want to say.”
  • Gratitude: “Thanks to your unsparing donations…” “That generous support from you and others…”
  • They actually know my giving history. “You are already so generous to YES!” The reply device very specifically notes my $10 a month contribution.

The campaign was also shared by way of their social media.

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