What’s in my Inbox | The perfect non-profit email newsletter?

August 25, 2015


Why should your nonprofit be regularly communicating with your supporters via email? Well, the reasons are legion:

  • it’s fast,
  • it’s cheap (while not free, email must be one of the cheapest acquisition tools available),
  • when done right, it’s got a terrific return on investment,
  • unlike social media, email provides you with the opportunity to create a one-on-one relationship with your subscriber/supporter
  • …and best of all: IT WORKS.

But, getting back to that ‘when done right’ point: are you creating the kind of email newsletters your supporters love? Are they joyful? Donor-centered? Engaging?

Could you find a more perfect example of a non-profit donor enewsletter than this one, from Feeding America?

  • The subject line, More Baby Boomers Struggling with Hunger | Hunger’s Hope, is to the point
  • The copy for each section is brief, providing enough enticement that you, the reader, wants to click and learn more
  • The photos tell a story. “Meet Lesly: Budget-Savvy Mom of Four”
  • Feeding America provides plenty of opportunities to engage, without donating, such as signing up for the Feeding America Hunger Action Day, and advocating with Congress to pass a child nutrition bill.
  • Act Now encourages a gift to meet the $25,000 Nationwide Foundation matching challenge.

Download this email and screenshots of the accompanying web pages by clicking the image below. Enrollment for Nonprofit Newsletters | Basics & More™, where you’ll learn how to produce your own engaging, revenue-producing print and email newsletters ends this Friday.


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