Fundraising Friday | October 9, 2015

October 9, 2015


The title of the video is “Learn It Young. Remember It Forever.” Immediately, I wondered what this “It” could possibly be. This week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling.

This week’s What’s in my Inbox, featuring a specific, solid e-appeal you can learn from.

This week’s What’s in my Mailbox features a print donor newsletter, along with the reminder: your newsletter should always serve as BOTH a stewardship device AND a solid revenue generator.

My easy secret from Stephen Covey to skyrocket your year-end fundraising. Featuring a free download from the brilliant Lisa Sargent.

The smart and savvy Andrea Kihlstedt and Gail Perry with 3 Foolproof Exercises to Get Your Board Ready for a Capital Campaign.

2 steps you need to raise money without a prince. New from Mary Cahalane.

82% of smartphone users shopped with mobile device in 2015. Is your organization’s site AND donation page mobile optimized? New from The Agitator.

Did you know that your lack of diversity is hitting you where it hurts the most? New from the brilliant Rory Green and Fundraising 101. The Diversity Crisis: Do Nonprofits Need Quotas?

2015 Fundraising Effectiveness Report: Read It and Weep. New from The Agitator.

When Elephants Fight, the Grass Gets Trampled. Amen. New from our friends at Veritus.

September Nonprofit Blog Carnival How do you say thanks? Hosted by Mary Cahalane.


Donor Retention 101: How well do you REALLY know your donors? (5 Tips)

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