Fundraising Friday | March 25, 2016

March 25, 2016


What We Talk About When We Talk About Good Work. This week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling. It’s why we do what we do…and why donors give.

What’s the most important thing in your email communications? Great storytelling ranks high on the list. But I would also argue that consistency is paramount. This week’s What’s in My Inbox: Save the Chimps.

Excel: it’s NOT a database. New from NonprofitPRO.

Wondering who you should add to your reading list in the nonprofit tech community? Start here.

“But OUR donors are different!” No, they’re not. Don’t believe the narrative. New from the Veritus Group.

One of my subscribers recently wrote: “I see so few fundraising articles that speak directly to the needs to an arts based organization. What we do is somewhat different than other NPs and I’d love some insight that speaks directly to our needs. How do we communicate the essential value of our work in a way that’s different than a literacy initiative or a food bank? How can we better integrate fundraising into the larger programming picture, and make the artists more comfortable with being a part of the ask?” A wonderful question. And I turned to the wonderful Mary Cahalane for answers. She did not disappoint.

Why Philanthropy Should Push Back Against the Business Mindset. Terrific podcast.

The brilliant Fraser Green with Residual Gifts: The Only ‘How To Give’ You Need.

Think you have to be on top of every new bright shiny object that comes down the pike? Think again. The one thing fundraisers need to pay the most attention to in the future. New from Jeff Brooks.


How did one organization exceed their fundraising goals by an incredible 20%?

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