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May 25, 2016


I’ve spotlighted Mercy Corps before, and I’m sure it’s not hard for you to see why. Their packets, from the letter, to the response device, to the thoughtful little extras, keep me consistently excited to receive mail from them. This most recent communication from their organization is no exception. They basically did everything right here, and then some. Here are a few positives that caught my attention right away…

1. The storytelling is pure perfection. This is a great story, and it’s told simply and succinctly: it’s about a farmer who wants to feed his family but has to work against destructive, volatile weather conditions. Mercy Corps does so much, and they’re located all over the world, and yet they’ve zeroed in on this one story, and told it well. Plus, it’s got a happy ending: Lino has a fish pond and is raising tilapia to sustain his family.

2. The kind of specificity here is the kind that motivates giving. The donor is brought into the equation and spoken to in a direct way that clearly communicates that their support is crucial when it comes to the hunger problem. Giving is explained, with specific numbers lead to specific positive outcomes: $20 provides enough fish to feed 25 families, and so on.

3. The personalization is off the charts, from the “Dear Pamela,” to the P.P.S. Address labels are included, and it’s a nice little touch, because it lets those who are lucky enough to receive mail from me that I share a relationship with Mercy Corps. Even the response device is personalized!

4. The simplicity of the response device is just awesome. And Mercy Corps lets me know that I’m not just giving to them — I’m giving to hungry families like Lino’s. The “Hungry Families Need Your Help” at the top is compelling, and so is, again, the personalization right there on the device.

5. The special little touches ramp it up to the next level. The address labels were nice to receive, and the Chinese proverb card was super memorable. I’ve come across the familiar proverb countless times over the course of my life, but never have I encountered it in this way, and it’s lovely.

Mercy Corps is familiar to many not only for the wonderful work that they do, but because of their global reach. They extend to all corners of the world. Do you receive communications from them, and if so, have you found any in particular especially memorable?

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