Power of Nonprofit Storytelling | Stellar storytelling through video: “Golden” is a work of art

June 27, 2016


“Golden,” a short film by German filmmaker Kai Stänicke, presents itself as a condensed biography of a boy’s life. Spanning from birth to late adolescence, the clip is focused on a protagonist who is navigating the world in which he lives, all while being “different.” This difference is marked and inescapable, whether he’s in solitude or sharing spaces with his “normal” peers as he goes about his daily life, metallic-hued hair, skin and all. There is no dialogue at all, and yet, at just shy of three minutes, this video speaks volumes on identity, the relationship between differentness and loneliness (even in crowded spaces), finding your individual place in the world, and so much more.

The accompanying music doesn’t so much fill the void where dialogue would normally be, as it does add an extra heartfelt note. “Golden” is a creative statement, and its narrative is communicated through the medium of video imagery in a poignant way. Despite its lack of words, it’s touching and relatable, because it is firmly rooted in humanity and reinforces the kinds of truths that impact us all.

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