What’s In My Inbox | Ontario Nature inspires in the face of resistance

May 16, 2017

In this week’s inbox installment, I’m casting my spotlight on Ontario Nature once again, and for good reason. Their most recent email to hit my inbox was candid and transparent from the subject header onward. “The Supreme Court refused to hear our case,” it begins. It’s not so much about failure as the need to persist onward and upward. For a lot of us, now more than ever, persistence is our general mode of being, and it’s a collective experience rather than an individual one.

I immediately thought back to this brilliant guest post from fellow fundraiser and friend, Lisa Sargent, who credited Nancy Schwartz (yet another awesome fellow fundraiser and friend) with the idea of transitioning from consistent “you” usage to the more partner-centric “we.” “We” is a partnership; a collective effort. It’s a network existent between the organization, the donor, and all of the other donors who are lending their support in this important work, creating positive change in the face of adversity and setbacks. Who are coming together to persist and resist…and persist in the face of resistance. The Supreme Court resistance hasn’t weakened their mission or resolve. If anything, it’s fueled the continued fight to protect endangered species.

In the case of this email, they’re real, they’re totally transparent, and they’ve used this real-life setback to inspire urgency. The understanding that donors play an important role in Ontario Nature’s mission couldn’t be more clear. Take a look…

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