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October 27, 2021

Simple Development Systems is a fundraising model with a focus on growing a healthy base of individual giving support. And that includes creating a strong monthly giving program. But monthly giving is not a matter of “if we build it, they will come.” You’ve got to work it regularly.

So when this email from The Adventure Project landed in my inbox, I had to share it with you.

Why this email works:

  • A terrific matching gift campaign
  • A strong case for monthly support
  • Urgency

I also loved the two options presented:

Yes, I can help!
or Not now.

Encouraging feedback at every step of the donor journey is important. Becky Straw, CEO and Co-Founder at The Adventure Project writes, “the idea of having a supporter choose (yes or no) came from Noah Barnett at Virtuous. He suggested I try giving people two options for next steps. I’ll let you know how it performs!”

Head on over to The Adventure Project’s dedicated donate page for this campaign to see a number of best practice examples, including:

  • Donor-centric language throughout: “No matter what you can give, your impact scales quickly. If you join at $50 per month you will help 250 people this year.”
  • A named monthly giving program: Collective
  • Donor testimonials
  • Let’s the donor know what to expect (the “Good Job Report”)
  • The “Calculate your impact” slider is a brilliant addition
  • A sense that all donors are valued

Click below to download this email.

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