Do your board members say they’ll do anything but fundraise? Relax!

July 5, 2017

Do you have board members who say they’ll do anything but fundraise?

Do you still have board members who don’t contribute financially? Do your board members (or some of them) think fundraising is “Ledo’s Pizza Night” rather than major donors?

Relax. As Motivate Monday guest Andy Robinson reminds us, “No one is born knowing how to fundraise.” This couldn’t be truer. As I’ve said, fundraising is an art and a science. And it’s up to us to teach nonprofit boards and guide them, ever so gently, in the direction of fundraising as a team. Of fundraising with love and passion and the understanding that one reason why wonderful work continues to happen is because of donor support.

Join us for this Motivate Monday when Andy, author of one of my favorite fundraising guides, How to Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) To Raise Money, leads the way, offering his sage words of wisdom gained over his 36-year journey as a fundraiser, facilitator, trainer, and community organizer.

This is a MoMon you won’t want to miss. You’ll gain invaluable insight, starting with how to encourage board members who’ve agreed to partake in your organization’s fundraising to follow through. Plus, Andy offers up tips you can use, including: how to groom or recruit board leaders, create board job descriptions ideal for the recruiting process, have everyone self-report on their fundraising activities at board meetings, seek gifts based on board fundraising behavior, and more!

What else is good? I’m including four resources straight from Andy himself, including two fundraising menus and a “Why Do You Care?” exercise straight from Andy’s book, which he coauthored with Andrea Kihlstedt.

So sit back, take a load off, and dive on into this MoMon installment. It’s 30 minutes well spent. And plan to join us every Monday at 1:00 EST for Motivate Monday to share your wins, get expert tips, and celebrate you. Sign up here.


Motivate Monday | June 26, 2017 from Pamela Grow on Vimeo.

They Said They Would Raise Money — Now What?

Why Do You Care? (Exercise)

Fundraising Menu #1

Fundraising Menu #2


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