What’s In My Mailbox | Green Mountain United Way anticipates their best fundraising fall — ever!

October 11, 2017

Carrie Stahl, Director of Funding & Program Development for Green Mountain United Way, recently wrote me to share this:

Thanks to some great advice in your enews, and some samples on your website, I am personally having my best fundraising fall. We United Ways start early so as not to compete with our agency partners. But, it is looking like this year’s mailing will be 100% better than last year’s, for roughly the same input costs, time, and effort thanks to a MUCH better story-focused letter. I’ve attached it, in case it is useful to you to take a look. I’m always open to input, too. Thanks and keep on sending out such great advice. I hope to have the training budget to be able to take one of your courses sometime soon.

Carrie sent me United Way’s letter, which you can check out below. I’ve added a few callouts throughout the letter, where I suggested trimming the board of directors list, changing up the font to good ol’ TNR (size 14 pt), made some suggestions on how to strengthen the storytelling, and more. So take a look…


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