Fundraising Friday | December 22, 2017

December 22, 2017


Batten Down the Hatches! Year-End Fundraising is Upon Us…has a couple of last minute tips you might be able to still use, including a killer free downloadable template (the very one I use in my work) to rock your email ask series.

Could the risk of controversy be worth it? If you’re soft-pedaling your donor communications because you’re afraid of emotion, take it from me — don’t. This week’s Power of Storytelling with a lesson from a 33-year-old tragedy.

Basics & More Alum, Seniors First, is highlighted in this week’s What’s in my Inbox and What’s in my Mailbox for a nicely integrated campaign.

Do you have a fundraising appeal that performed like no other? In The Same Old Santa, Roger Craver, reminds us that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s true: you don’t have to come up with something new every year. Your donors won’t remember. How do you think I come up with this great newsletter every week? Answer: I don’t. I re-purpose — a lot.

How to Keep Your Donors Giving Year After Year. Advanced tactics from Joe Garecht blogging for Mary Cahalane.

What can YOU learn about fundraising from Jeff Bezos? Turns out, a lot.

Yes, I know. You’re itching to get out the door and celebrate. But there are still NINE days left to maximize your year-end fundraising. Nancy Schwartz with Still Time! Turn Colleagues into Powerful Year-End Fundraisers.

The Veritus Group with One Last Thing Before the Year Ends.

“The height of privilege is to believe that your experience of the world is everyone’s experience; that because something doesn’t hurt you that it doesn’t hurt anyone else. It is to only be capable of manufacturing compassion for yourself and those who look and think and believe the way you do—or those in the same tax bracket.” Empathy in America. An Obituary.

From the Archives

Does your organization’s mentality of lack extend to the very process of thanking? Say it isn’t so!

Learning Opportunities

Our annual Basics & More™ All Access Ticket sale ends today. Due to increased production costs, in 2018, the price of the Ticket goes up to $749.99 in 2018, so this is your last chance to save. Courses include your fundraising plan and case for support,  creating your donor communications plan, leading an enthusiastic board, revenue-generating print newsletters, monthly giving, planned giving, online fundraising, how to work your donor gratitude, and more.

Click here to read what other organizations just like yours are saying about Basics & More™ and to learn more about the Basics & More™ All Access Ticket for 2018. Click here to download a PDF of the class schedule. And if you’ve got any questions or concerns, talk to me. I’m only an email away. Our Basics & More Alum are getting off the fundraising treadmill and getting on a plan for long-term success. Shouldn’t you?

I’ve missed *seeing* you guys on Mondays! But be sure to join us in the new year when our 2018 kickoff guest is none other than Valerie Young, PhD, author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer From the IMPOSTOR SYNDROME and How To Thrive In Spite of It. Valerie says that you “Don’t have to look far to find intelligent, competent, talented women who feel anything but.” She notes that countless women feel the same way, attributing their success to luck, agonizing over the smallest mistakes or flaws, and feeling like they’ve “fooled” others when they’ve legitimately succeeded!” If you’ve ever suffered from Impostor Syndrome yourself, you won’t want to miss our next Motivate Monday on January 8 at 1 pm ESTSave your seat here. And share your latest win here (can’t wait to hear how your year-end campaign is going).

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