What’s In My Inbox | Make the love for your donors last far beyond V-Day

February 20, 2018

Remember how I’ve encouraged you to look for the opportunities in each and every day? Whether the day in question is a nationally-celebrated holiday or not, there’s always a reason to celebrate your donors by reaching out to them with gratitude. And for actual holidays? Go forth and make it your own. There are infinite ways to spin it. Nigel Allen, President of the Tallahassee-based Big Bend Hospice Foundation, and, I’m proud to say, a Basics & More alum, did exactly that. Check out how he seized an opportunity this past Valentine’s Day to not only send good wishes and thank Big Bend Hospice Foundation’s supporters, but to highlight their recent newsletter and blog, which are both packed with stellar storytelling.

Some of the narratives within the newsletter are referenced in the email and brought to life through touching pictures. There’s a link so that you can see newsletter in entirety, as well as links to the stories, which also appear on BBHF’s blog, creating an integrated network between the Valentine’s email, their blog, and their newsletter — a network reliant on gratitude, superb storytelling, and donor love. Read Learn how You helped a loving couple reconnect one last time. Through it all, supporters can see not only what they’ve made possible, but what they can continue to make possible, and feel the love far beyond February 14th. Each component is wonderful on its own, but altogether? Magic. Check it out.

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