Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. What really matters?

February 27, 2018

Do you sometimes feel damned if you do, damned if you don’t?

These days there’s almost too much information out there. Some of it — especially from companies marketing to the nonprofit community — is downright wrong, and little more than clickbait.

It can make you feel like every little choice is momentous:

Are we using the “right” font?

Should my headline be in color?

Is this gift string the “right” one?

The result of all this information overload is often that you’re left feeling paralyzed.

In his post, But the Beatles were out of tune, Seth Godin writes:

“Without a doubt, when the Beatles played Shea Stadium, Paul was a little out of tune. Without a doubt, the Gettysburg Address had one or two word choice issues. Without a doubt, that restaurant down the street isn’t perfect.
That’s okay. They made something.
Sure, make it better, by all means put in thetime to bring us your best work.”

But, in the end, what’s important?

“Get it out there.”

Remember, perfection kills more things than anything else.

Do it. Schedule it. Know your numbers. LISTEN to your donors. Tweak your processes. Segment. And then segment some more (one of the best and fastest ways to ramp up your results). Get out there and meet donors.

Keep learning while you’re doing.

Every fundraising appeal letter, every campaign, every newsletter, every Facebook post, every face-to-face ask, every e-appeal, will raise more money and be better than the last.

And hey, if you’re following too many “gurus,” you might want to hit a few unsubscribe buttons. Only Basics & More™ provides the essential fundraising fundamentals training to take your donors from first time gift…to lifetime.

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