What’s In My Inbox | NARAL opens my eyes wide with their latest email (and quiz!)

March 21, 2018

The most recent email from NARAL to hit my inbox contained a quiz, which I’d never seen from them before, and rarely see in nonprofit communications to begin with. Answering each question and having my results assessed after I was finished turned out to be an eye-opener. I’m someone who tries to stay consistently informed on women’s rights and health, and yet the quiz, titled after the opening question, revealed that I had a lot to learn. And what I did learn absolutely astounded me!

Although I was already aware that fake women’s health centers masquerading as real women’s health clinics were a thing, I didn’t know it could be so dang hard to tell the difference. Weeding out the fake clinics from the legit ones, based on name alone, felt like not only a daunting task, but a nearly impossible one, and I wasn’t surprised that I failed that first question. It goes beyond names, though. Fake clinics further achieve what looks like legitimacy through their knack for deceptive Google advertising, which often lands them at the top of search results.

NARAL engages in both political advocacy and action to safeguard women’s rights, which are constantly under attack. I didn’t expect their seven-question quiz to be so illuminating, but it was. I know what the political landscape is like right now, because I’m reminded of it every day. That in itself is enough to remain united and to keep on fighting to protect women’s health and women’s freedom of choice, and the test confirmed, and deepened, my understanding of this urgency. But now I know, and I won’t forget: I need to educate myself better, and more often.

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