Post-it® | Donor-centered lift notes for the small shop

September 11, 2011

I can still recall my delight years ago when a new colleague gave me a beautiful handmade birthday card.

On the back she had designed her own logo, framed with the words “because Hallmark doesn’t know how nice you are.”

I was tickled and kept that card for years.

The personal touch can set your organization’s appeal letters apart too.

You’re familiar with lift notes, those extra pieces of paper slipped into a direct mail package to lift response?  Lift notes used to considerably boost response to direct mail pieces.  Donors may be more savvy these days but they’ll still respond to the personal touch.

So how can the small shop fundraiser personalize the “lift note?”

As you segment your organization’s database for your fall appeal, began polling your board members and volunteers for possible connections with donors.  Schedule appointments in advance for them to come in to write personal sticky notes for those donors they have a personal connection with.

I’ve used this tactic in more than one small shop.  It works.  And it’s a win-win for donors and board members alike.  Just make sure that you begin planning four to six weeks before your scheduled mailing date.

Go big.  Go bold.  Think of going with over-sized Post-it® notes in neon colors.  Using brightly colored ink.

And watch your response rate soar.

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