Power of Storytelling | See how stories can document works-in-progress

July 31, 2018

You know how powerful compelling nonprofit storytelling can be. You know that it’s an invaluable tool that not only impacts your nonprofit’s fundraising results, but is inextricably tied to who you are and what you do, as well as the relationships you share with your donors.

Storytelling is part of our everyday lives and interactions, and yet it’s also a nuanced art form. Because of this, there exists a world of possibilities. There are infinite ways to tell a story, along with various mediums for communicating your narratives to your audience.

When it comes to nonprofit storytelling, the word “compelling” is important. “Compelling” moves and motivates people to do things. It stirs emotions and impacts decision-making processes — including the decision to give money to an organization. Recently, I stumbled upon a blog post, called 5 Beautiful Examples of Compelling Nonprofit Storytelling. One of the examples showcased demonstrates how to capture a story as it’s happening.

We’ve been taught that narratives should traditionally follow a structure of beginning, middle, and end, so embracing this real-time method of storytelling is a cool way to change things up and keep your audience engaged. Check out the examples below, along with the totally implementable Try It Yourself. Remember, when it comes to sharing your stories, there are few limits (like client confidentiality, for example). A dynamic form of expression and communication, storytelling allows you to weave your mission, work, identity, and donor impact, together into one package.

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