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February 19, 2020

Jodi-Joy O’Keefe, Chief Development Officer for Bethany Health Care Center, participated in last year’s Foolproof Year-End Fundraising program, and she rocked her organization’s campaign. It’s not hard to see why. The package contains an appeal letter, an accordion brochure, a lift note, a response device, and a return envelope.

Each piece of the appeal package is thoughtful and keeps the donor in mind. Here’s what I appreciated about each aspect:

1.) The appeal letter speaks directly to the donor. It is a letter that begins and ends in gratitude. The opening words, Because of you, ring true. Bethany clearly communicates to the donor what their support has accomplished. It sends a message that Bethany’s vital work is done because of the donors who support them. It’s a letter that inspires and encourages continued support. The specific dollar amounts connected to various impacts are an example of what I call “money in action,” and it’s ultra compelling. It tells the donor where their money is going, and that inspires confidence. There’s also a PS that reinforces the donor’s impact through their support.
2.) The accordion brochure is an emotionally heartfelt piece. Donors are seeing who their support is helping. The brochure, filled with shining testimonials from those who’ve been impacted by Bethany, functions as a wonderful storytelling platform, and it speaks for itself, really.
3.) The response device taps into the holiday season, which is a smart move. I like that there are three amounts, plus a custom amount, along with a monthly giving option. Once again, there is specificity in terms of where the donor’s funds go, and that gives them a form of freedom, as well as confidence that their gift is going to a good place. Again, it inspires confidence.
4.) The lift note is emotionally heartfelt and personal. It’s simple. It comes from, once again, a person who has been impacted by Bethany’s donors. The message expresses true gratitude.
Each piece on its own is something special. But together? They create a powerful appeal package. What did the results look like?

Jodi-Joy O’Keefe, Chief Development Officer for Bethany Health Care Center, had this to say:

With just a few tweaks to the way we approached our most recent year-end mailing, and the addition of the lift piece, we saw positive results in a number of best practice areas.  Compared to last year, we experienced a 4% increase in response rate and a 7% increase in revenue, as well as an increase of approximately $25 in the average gift!

Our CEO reports that she has received more comments and accolades about this mailing, especially for the lift piece, than any other in the history of fundraising for the organization.
Check out the package in entirety by clicking the appeal letter below…

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