What’s in My Mailbox | This Post-COVID Gratitude Report Packs a Punch

November 3, 2021

Simple Development Systems is a tested fundraising model focused on growing a healthy base of individual giving support. Using a simple Ask/Thank/Report/+Feedback cycle of donor communications, nonprofits significantly grow their donor base with far less stress, while remaining true to their values. An important piece in that cycle is a regular “Gratitude Report.”

If you’re used to the typical jargon-laden annual reports typical of nonprofits, Gratitude Reports will come as a revelation. They’re usually written at a 5th-grade level, often tell the story of one client, and ooze gratitude for the support made possible by the donor.

This post-COVID gratitude report for Health Wagon, a nonprofit providing compassionate, quality health care to the medically underserved people in the Mountains of Appalachia, from copywriter Aimee Vance is an excellent example.

Leading with a story about Steve, a community member suffering alone with COVID, this report goes on to show exactly how the donor’s support made a big difference throughout the toughest year in the organization’s history. Lots to learn, including:

  1. Clean, simple graphics
  2. A genuine appreciation for the donor’s support throughout
  3. They’re upfront about overhead costs
  4. An actual call to action (the often missing piece of the puzzle)

About this Gratitude Report, Aimee had this to say:

“This particular charity has donors from all over the country. They stepped up remarkably well during the pandemic for this charity. We saw a 72% increase in revenue in 2020.

It was really important to me that donors got a sense not only of the difficulty of the year, but also the ways in which they kept people alive. It was important to me that donors had a deep understanding of how important they had been to that poverty-stricken region of our country. When I wrote the phrase “you saved lives”, it was true and I wanted them to really understand that.”

This Gratitude Report raised $350,000.

Download Health Wagon’s Gratitude Report by clicking the image below. And to learn more about Gratitude Reports, make a plan to join us next Wednesday, November 10 for the free webinar, Creating Your Revenue Generating Nonprofit Annual Report, sponsored by Firespring. Save your seat.


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