What’s in My Mailbox | How are you letting your direct mail donors know about employee matching?

September 30, 2020

You need to understand how your best donors give. Do they typically mail in a check? Or do they prefer to make a gift online? The method they use to give matters.

This slip from a recent PETA mailing served as a good reminder of this fact. While corporate employee matching is usually well established in most online donation processes, you do want to make sure you’ve got every base covered. So make sure to cover it in direct mail.

“Did you know that roughly one in 10 PETA donors is missing an easy way to help their gift do even more for animals?”

This insert thoroughly walks the donor through the process of how to match their gift through their workplace.

And the flip side of this piece served as another important reminder. PETA has partnered with Amazon through their AmazonSmile program.

When you partner with a corporation, do your own values align ethically, and if so, how? In other words, is all money good money?

In our sector, we’re entrenched in nickel and dime thinking and grateful for every crumb! But naturally, this way of thinking impacts our fundraising, and not in a good way. When you partner with Amazon and involve yourself with their AmazonSmile program, you are indeed getting crumbs…tiny, insignificant crumbs. And that doesn’t bode well for your valuable time or your long-term plans.

How is your nonprofit living your values?


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