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December 16, 2020

Following an initial drop-off in direct mail after our country’s lockdown, my mailbox started filling up again.

Here are a few random observations from the past 6 weeks of mailings in an exceptional year…

Bright yellow “URGENT” envelopes seemed to be the order of the day. A tactic that probably worked well initially, but I wonder if it has lost its effectiveness now that it’s so commonplace.

Premiums. Large nonprofits have really gone overboard in the use of premiums for acquisition. Thanks to them, I won’t need to buy holiday cards this year. I’ve got enough address labels for a lifetime. And, whoa, thanks to a few nonprofits, I don’t need to buy wrapping paper either. All of this “stuff” seems rather inconsistent at this particular time in our history, but who am I to argue with success? It’s successful, right?

Shout out to Environmental Defense Fund for this handy-dandy seafood selector, bookmark, and server tip chart. And the Kitchen Conversions from Feeding America already has a special place on my fridge.

Teasers: They’re big, they’re bold. And they help get your envelope opened. Here are a few from HSNG, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Friends of the Earth.

Real and personal: In these mailings from our students, I loved the personal note from Mandy from Intervale Center. And the added sticky note from one of the residents in Bethany’s mailing made this piece pop.

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