What’s in My Inbox | Knowing and honoring donor preferences

February 11, 2021

If you’ve ever donated to a political candidate, you know the pain of having your phone blow up from text messages you don’t quite recall ever having signed up for.

In Seinfeld language, I have man hands. I do not like texting, nor do I care to receive text messages from anyone other than friends and family (and my hairdresser). For me, it’s kind of a sacred bond.

Knowing — and just as importantly, honoring — your supporters’ preferences will be more important than ever going forward.

As we move into additional channels, you want to be cognizant of how your donors want to hear from you. Their trust is sacred. And when they sign up to receive emails from you, don’t automatically assume they’re also open to texts. You need a donor database that works and you need to ask. Frequently. Make it a point to capture donor preferences throughout the donor journey. This email, from The Fayette Regional Humane Society requesting permission from the recipient for text messages, is a good example.


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