Fundraising Friday | April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015


Don’t take my word for it. “But while mobile and social may have captured the hearts and minds of consumers and marketers, email, phone, and direct mail continue to do a better job of capturing sales.” (Emphasis mine). Email and Phone Uber Alles.

It’s all just organizing: How small organizations can punch above their weight in a digital world. Good stuff.

This Will Kill Charity Pie Charts from Simon Scriver (LinkedIn)

Roger Craver over at The Agitator has been penning a series on fixing your hidden leaks. Fixing Hidden Leaks #1: How To Write Good. Be sure to catch the entire series.

The Veritus Group has a checklist for organizations starting a major gift program.

11 Top Fundraising Consultants Weigh In on Donation Request Letters (Want all of these tips in one handy template? Download yours here!)

Culture is Changing: Fundraising Needs to Change With It. Good read from Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund. What do you think: is creating a culture of philanthropy the answer? I’d argue that it is – and I believe that a strong culture of philanthropy and being truly donor-centered goes hand-in-hand.

A brand new What’s in my Mailbox from Mary Cahalane, Multichannel Appeal from the Heart. You’re going to love this.

And here’s a truly delightful email from National Wildlife Federation, featured in What’s in my Inbox.

More from yours truly: 16 (yes, 16!) Easy Ways to Lead Your Organization’s Culture Shift.


Nonprofit email fundraising: Are you overlooking the role consistency plays?

Is your nonprofit focused on lack or abundance? When you adopt a philosophy of abundance there can be no lack.

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