Fundraising Friday | May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015


Does failure scare you? How smart nonprofits are using failures to become more successful new via Movie Mondays and Beth Kanter.

My friend Amy Eisenstein has a novel way to make board retreats fun!

Last week we talked about treating your donors like ‘insiders.’ But what does that look like? This week’s What’s in my Inbox features a couple of stellar examples (as well as great examples of communicating during a disaster).

The Future Of Fundraising: Bright Or Bleak? From The Agitator. The choice really is yours. If you’re ready for real change and you’re committed to getting off the fundraising treadmill, the Simple Development Systems membership program was created for you.

Stop worrying, start thriving. How to know if you need a fundraising plan. Are you moving toward your goals…or floundering? New from Mary Cahalane.

How do you fight the curse of knowledge? Kivi explains in 5 Ways to Fight the Curse of Knowledge in Your Nonprofit. One of the ways I fought it back in my grant writing days was to send every first proposal draft to my best friend back in Michigan. If she understood what our organization did (bonus points if she got teary), I knew I’d done my job.

Are your donors ‘insiders?’ Understanding this thing called donor-centricity.


Fundraising Connection : Fundraising Lessons From HONY. From yours truly.

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