Fundraising Friday | March 5, 2016

March 4, 2016


Monthly Giving: Everyone Should Be Doing It. New from NonprofitPRO. (And you won’t want to miss Nonprofit Monthly Giving | Basics & More™ – last week for Early Bird pricing!)

Who doesn’t like to feel like a hero? You’ll love this week’s email example from the Soi Dog Foundation in What’s in my Inbox.

Despite many years donating online, I only recently made my first online gift via my android. It was a spur of the moment decision, prompted by an email I happened to read while out and about (click here if you’d like to know what the donation was for). Oh I had made a text donation in 2010 following the Haiti earthquakes, but nothing since. When we speak of websites that are mobile-responsive, we’re usually talking solely about the website itself. But what does your mobile donation experience look like? Mobile Fundraising 101: The Basics.

In the UnderDeveloped report a few years back, we learned of the challenges facing today’s nonprofits. Now the Haas Fund has released Beyond Fundraising: What Does it Mean to Build a Culture of Philanthropy. Highly recommended to share with your board.

How are you getting leadership on board with major gift fundraising? New from the Veritus Group.

“Without a fully functional and donor-sensitive back office, all the work on the front end will go to waste.” How are you creating your stewardship policies? When you select a donor database, is price your only concern? The Veritus Group with The Important Back End of Major Gifts.

You’ll want to set aside some time this week to watch Dan Pallotta’s recent TED talk, A new way to judge nonprofits.

What does Facebook’s new reaction buttons mean for nonprofit marketers? New from John Haydon.

My first mantra is always this: Know your audience. And now Sheena Greer brings a whole new perspective to the donor profile/persona exercise, one that will not only help you, but help your entire team.

Vu with Why budget testing is a terrible way for foundations to determine funding allocation.

I was recently asked about the value of an email newsletter. What can I say? I built my business around mine and I still believe that email – as opposed to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. – offers a better opportunity to develop one-to-one relationships. You’ve Got Mail – Again: Rethinking the Role of the Email Newsletter.

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