Fundraising Friday | April 15, 2016

April 15, 2016


When you hear the word “childhood”, what comes to mind? If you were to ask children this same question, what do you think they’d say? What about a child born to parents in the military? You may already know this, but these children don’t always have it easy when it comes to their formative years. A terrific video in this week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling.

One of the easiest (not the only, but certainly one of the easiest) tweaks you can make to attack donor attrition is the simple act of rewriting your thank you letter. See how just a few edits transformed this thank you email in this week’s What’s in my Inbox. (Reminder: if you’re looking to revamp your organization’s stewardship, Power of Thank You | Basics & More™ opens for enrollment next week)

Does everyone in your organization play a role in fundraising success? Eyes Wide Shut: Is Fundraising Nirvana Even Possible?

The brilliant Reinier Spruitt of 101 Fundraising is celebrating his 15th year as a fundraiser and he’s got 18 Ingredients for Successful Fundraising for you.

Why you should pay nonprofit employees more. Food for thought.

Are you using Canva? New from Heidi Massey.

How to Qualify Donors: An Introduction. A must-read series from our friends at The Veritus Group.

How are you seamlessly integrating matching gifts into your online donation process?


Are you writing that first (or fifth) grant proposal and wondering how much to request? There’s plenty of wisdom in this gem from 2009, How Much Should You Request in Your Grant Proposal? How Much Do You Need?! Don’t miss the comments.

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Heidi Massey April 15, 2016 at 11:55 am

Oh, Pamela! You are an amazing resource for the nonprofit community. I always love your weekly newsletter. Thrilled to be included this week. Thanks so much for the link love!

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