Fundraising Friday | May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016


Is there a schoolteacher in your database who could leave you a $2 million gift? Does this idea sound at all absurd to you? I hope not. Either way, there’s this week’s Power of Nonprofit Storytelling, Never underestimate the power of a schoolteacher! because it’s not just a pipe dream.

When it comes to our regular features, I like to keep ‘em positive, and I’m consistently inspired by the content that comes my way. But as a donor, things sometimes irritate me. Sometimes, they irritate me so much that I feel compelled to share them with you. I don’t just want to air my frustrations — I want to provide a valuable lesson in what not to do. I first saw this email on Tuesday and it’s still grinding my gears, so here ya go! This week’s What’s in my Inbox | How NOT to inspire.

Do you ever wonder what you should be doing to ensure that the foundation site visit is a good one? Don’t stress it. First impressions matter, but foundations don’t want to bite your head off. Make It Count: Prepping For Your First Foundation Site Visit.

Killing Major Gifts With Service. New from The Veritus Group.

In Who Gets Fired? Roger Craver of The Agitator started a tirade leading up to yesterday’s Roger Started It! So, dear reader, what’s your best tip for ensuring that everyone is on board with retention?

You don’t think anyone reads direct mail anymore. I hear it every day, especially from younger fundraisers. You’re wrong. Mary Cahalane with The sexy new way to fundraise? Trust your mail.

What lesson can you learn from the #IGiveLocal “Give Local America” Fiasco? New from Kivi.

How Can Nana Murphy Make You a Better Fundraiser? The best presentation at AFP, hands down. Brilliant stuff from two of my favorites, Lisa Sargent and Erica Waasdorp. Be sure to download the slides and the toolkit and study them religiously.

Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Did you catch our April Carnival? Advice to Your Younger Fundraising Self dishes up lots of goodies, courtesy of Erik Anderson.

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