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June 8, 2016


She is Safe is a nonprofit organization located in Georgia that is passionately dedicated to empowering women around the world who have suffered abuse and exploitation around the world by providing them with the necessary resources to build a stronger future and a better life. I received a pack from SIS just yesterday and wanted to spotlight it this week because it is amazing, from start to finish. The most recent mailing contains…

  1. The envelope holding the contents
  2. A letter
  3. An annual report
  4. A response device
  5. A reply envelope

…and with each component being so compelling on its own, tied together, they create an awesome, donor-friendly packet. Additionally, this mailing is seamlessly integrated with their website.

What are some elements that I noticed immediately?

The envelope. Even something as simple as an envelope is important, especially when you consider the average person, or I consider me: I’m standing over my trashcan in my kitchen, or the trashcan at the post office, sifting through the day’s snail mail. I’m only likely to pause if something gives me reason to pause. And a hand addressed envelope is sometimes exactly what I need to see. Plus, the picture of the little girl printed on the front, along with the text “Life Change Report” for you? Sure it’s a handwriting font. But it works.

Keeping it personal. First off, the letter addresses me by name, and while that sounds pretty simple — not to mention common sense — you’d be surprised by how many “Dear friend” letters I still get. The letter itself communicates directly with me, the donor, and consistently draws it all back to what is being made possible and can continue through donor support. Toward the end of the letter, SIS seeks to establish a long-term relationship by providing a sneak peek of what’s to come in the future.

The P.S. So simple, and yet I’m so glad it’s there. A P.S. more than an afterthought — it’s the chance to engage your readers one step further!

Website integration. SIS’s website is a thriving and existing thing, so mentioning it and connecting the communications back to it makes all the sense in the world. The letter mentions the response device and the option to give online. Their website address is printed on the bottom of the first page. Within their annual report, there is a statement about their commitment to integrity and transparency, and offers a link to access their most recent financial audit online. Lastly, SIS takes an opportunity to spotlight their published physical book, “God’s Love for Girls Around the World,” and includes a link to purchase it on their website.

The response device. How can you say no to the statement, “Yes, I want to help She is Safe rescue and restore more girls?” It’s compelling, again, along with the picture of the young girl, and I also like the fact that I’ve got a monthly giving option and an option to designate my gift for where it’s most needed or for a particular project.

The annual report. You know that term I frequently use in relation to nonprofit storytelling, “bank of stories?” You want your organization to have a bank of really good stories. SIS undoubtedly has a stellar bank, because this annual report highlights so many amazing narratives that I’ve got to think there’s loads more where these came from. Along with all of the glorious storytelling displayed here, the photos included with each narrative make the stories pop, resonate, and come alive.

Whew! The envelope was chock full of good stuff and naturally, I could go on, but for the sake of time and brevity, I’m going to stop here and ask that you take a good look. Aside from what I’ve mentioned, what do you notice about each of the pieces of the pack? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts, so send them my way.

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