What’s In My Inbox | Premiums in online fundraising? St. Jude’s makes it work!

December 12, 2017


It’s a bold opener for an online fundraising campaign. This one from, from St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, specifically targets millennial donors, encouraging them to “Join the movement” through a three-step call to action: make a pledge to donate $20 a month, wear their shirt, and connect through social media by sharing, tagging, and hashtagging (#thisshirtsaveslives). St. Jude’s isn’t just encouraging young people to give money to a vital cause, they’re inviting them into their mission and, through the powers of social media, asking them to be ambassadors for St. Jude’s (representing the organization across social media channels), as well as recruiters (inspiring fellow millennials, through their social media visibility, to give). The shirt itself is a conversation starter, on both the real world and virtual world, and the campaign in entirety is savvy, direct, and accessible.

Darius Rucker’s testimonial doesn’t hurt, either…

Check it out!




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