What’s In My Inbox | Part One of a nicely integrated campaign, starring Marjorie!

December 19, 2017

I receive a ton of mail, both email and snail mail, from charities large and small. And that’s because I’ve opened myself (and my mailbox and inbox) to it. I’m not just on the constant lookout for examples to point to and showcase here, I’m also doing my best to learn more about what makes great communications, both from a trainer’s perspective and a donor’s perspective, in hopes that I can share it with you. I’ve picked up on a lot of things. One thing I notice is  how misaligned many are. As a professional fundraiser, I can spot a mile away the lack of integration (and communication!) between departments. One renowned organization, who I have highlighted in the past for their wonderfully donor-centered online fundraising, sends direct mail that is simply not up to par.

Seniors First is a Basics & More alum. This Orlando-based nonprofit provides services for the elderly, from meals to in-home care, as well as programs geared toward maintaining good health and independence. Seniors First not only enrolled in our Year-End Fundraising webinar series, they went forth and implemented the lessons into actionable results. Here is Part One of their integrated campaign, spotlighting Marjorie. Seniors First came into her life in just the nick of time. As a donor, it always helps to see not only what your money is doing, but who it’s helping.
Be sure to stay tuned for Part Two in tomorrow’s installment of What’s In My Mailbox

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